Evans Lookout, New South Wales

Blackheath, New South Wales 2787

Overlooking the stunning scenery of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Evans Lookout offers incredible views of the surrounding landscapes, taking in lush forest, colourful wildlife, and the sandstone cliffs of the Grose River Valley.

Evans Lookout

It’s here that visitors can get down to the valley floor to take on picturesque hikes and explore nature on a close and personal level.

The Blue Mountains themselves are full of hotspots perfect for outdoor travellers, and Evans Lookout is one of the most popular places to start hikes and marvel at the views.

About the Evans Lookout

For those new to the Blue Mountain region, Evans Lookout can be a wonderful introduction. Showcasing the jaw dropping views of the Grose Valley, the epic sandstone cliffs of the mountains, and the wonderous wildlife spread around the region. The smooth lookout point has secure fences and a manmade path from the nearby car park. Offering visitors to immerse in the natural wonder of the Blue Mountains without having to endure a backbreaking journey. Perfect for either a worthwhile stopover along your day trip adventure, or a good base point for adventurers looking to bushwalk the sights.

Things to do around Evans Lookout

  • Walks from Evans Lookout

    Evans Lookout

    From Evans Lookout there are plenty of trails that weave past beautiful waterfalls, vibrant rainforests, sprawling creeks, and trickling rivers. In summer, the routes are often protected from the glaring sunshine by the high sandstone cliffs that make up the Mountains, so you’ll find plenty of shade to cool off in.

    To begin any of the hikes, drive to the end of Evans Lookout Road off the Great Western Highway, where you’ll find Evans Lookout itself and the start of numerous walks.

  • Evans Lookout to Govetts Leap

    This cliff top track tacks you along the edge of the valley, proffering breath-taking views at every twist and turn. You’ll be able to soak up the incredible panoramas of the Blue Mountains along the way, while getting to see some of the lush vegetation and wildlife that make the area so special.

  • Braeside Walk

    Braeside Walk

    Continuing on from Govetts Leap which sits along the cliff top, you can descend down into Govetts Leap Brook and follow the water upstream on a vintage steam boat. You’ll get to catch a glimpse of a cascading waterfall and, in spring, the flowers in this part of the Mountains are vibrant and blooming.

  • Junction Rock and Blue Gum Forest

    From Govetts Leap you can also head to Junction Rock and the lush landscape of the Blue Gum Forest. Here, you can look out for cute critters and catch some respite in the shadey spots.

  • Grand Canyon Track

    Perhaps the most popular route from Evans Lookout is the Grand Canyon Track, which has been a firm favourite amongst hikers since 1907. You’ll get to see the canyon in all its glory and, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try your hand at abseiling down its impressive cliff face.

    The track takes you through Neats Glen rainforest to Greave’s Creek and then on to the Grand Canyon. You’ll head through a tunnel before heading back to Evans Lookout.

Nearby Sights

  • Blue Mountains Heritage Centre

    Before setting off on a day of bushwalking, why not visit the nearby heritage centre? Here visitors can discover the fascinating facts of the Blue Mountains. First learning about the traditional owners of the land, the Aboriginal community. Then unearthing the destruction, the Europeans brought with them once invading. Before discovering the slow and successful development of the community of the Blue Mountains today. With informational books, local artwork, and an assortment of souvenirs and gifts on offer. There is even a café attached, so you can fuel up on coffee and sweets before setting off along the paths.

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