4 scenic Blue Mountains walks

4 scenic Blue Mountains walks

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/12/2024

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Discover some of the very best scenic walks you can do in the Blue Mountains.

Enjoy spending a day or two exploring the gorgeous region of the Blue Mountains. There is no better way to see the Blue Mountains than doing one of the many scenic walks here.

You can spend days in the Blue Mountains exploring the rainforest, seeing the steep cliffs, and the magnificent waterfalls.

Prince Henry Cliff Walk Blue Mountains

1. Grand Canyon Track

The Grand Canyon Track is a beautiful walk through the Blue Mountains. This track can take you around three hours to complete and overall, it is an easy walk, but be prepared for a lot of steps.

The walk takes you through the rainforest, a chance to see waterfalls, creeks, and plenty of lookout points.

2. Katoomba Falls Walk

Katoomba Falls Blue Mountains

The Katoomba Falls Walk is a very popular trail that takes around an hour and a half to complete. The walk is well worth it to get the very best views of the iconic Katoomba Falls. You’ll have a clear view of the waterfall from above and up close.

You will also see the Katoomba Cascades and walk through the rainforest with a chance to spot all kinds of wildlife.

3. Prince Henry Cliff Walk

The Prince Henry Cliff Walk is a longer three to four hour walk, but it is overall easy and has breathtaking views. This walk includes over 20 lookouts with incredible scenic views of waterfalls, Jamison Valley, and even the Three Sisters.

You can participate in the scenic walk if you do this Blue Mountains day tour.

4. Three Sisters Walk

Three Sisters walk Blue Mountains

The Three Sisters Walk is a very short 20-minute trail, but also a popular one as you walk down closer to the rock formations. Just because it is a short walk, it doesn’t mean the walk itself isn’t scenic as you get some remarkable views across Jamison Valley.

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