Are the Jenolan Caves worth visiting?

Are the Jenolan Caves worth visiting?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/07/2023

Reading time: 3 mins

Over 340 million years old, it’s safe to say the Jenolan Caves are the oldest caves in Australia.

As with everything else in the Blue Mountains, yes, the Jenolan Caves are worth visiting! The Jenolan Caves are truly remarkable to go visit, and photos of the caves just don’t do it justice!

What are the caves?

There are 11 show caves you can explore, but typically you can only see about three in a day. The Jenolan Caves are also made from limestone. Over millions of years from erosion and natural weathering, the caves have formed into what you see them today.

How can I see the Jenolan Caves?

You can either drive yourself to check out the caves or if you don’t have a car, you can book a tour. If you only have a day, you can book a tour of the Jenolan Caves and the Blue Mountains. You’ll explore the Jenolan Caves and go to Echo Point to see the Three Sisters before going to Scenic World.

If you have a little longer, consider booking a two day tour of the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves. On the two days, you’ll go to a wildlife park and see some Aussie wildlife before going on a bushwalk through the Blue Mountains. You’ll be able to see the Three Sisters, Jamison Valley, and enjoy a few hours at Scenic World. Then you’ll head to the Jenolan Caves to explore inside the limestone caves and see the Blue Lake.

Can I go inside the cave?

Yes, you can! You can only see about three caves in a day, but each cave is really cool to explore. You can pick what caves you want to see, or you explore the caves at night and see how the caves can glow! There is a boardwalk you can walk across in the caves, with some of the boardwalk going above the beautiful Blue Lake.

So, what’s this Blue Lake?

The Jenolan Caves has a gorgeous Blue Lake with lush greenery surrounding the lake. The lake was originally made to be a dam to power the lights in the caves and to pump water out of nearby houses. However, Blue Lake is worth seeing and is something additional when visiting the caves and you might spot a platypus.

With over 230,000 visitors who come see the caves every year, it’s a safe bet that the Jenolan Caves are worth visiting.

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