Blue Mountains Virtual Tour

Blue Mountains Virtual Tour

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/24/2020

Reading time: 5 mins

Admire the spectacular views, enjoy the peaceful bushwalk trails and meet some of Australia’s best known wildlife all from the comfort of your own home on our Blue Mountains virtual tour.

Home to spectacular waterfalls, stunning views and beautiful forest scenery, the Blue Mountains might be off-limits for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about visiting the area. We’re here to help your imagination run wild amongst the eucalyptus trees, so climb aboard our virtual tour bus and get ready to explore the Blue Mountains.

  • Featherdale Wildlife Park

    Get ready to virtually meet some of Australia’s most beloved native animals because our first stop is the Featherdale Wildlife Park. Here you can normally enjoy up-close encounters with over 1700 Aussie animals including kangaroos, koalas, wombats and more. Get your photo taken with a koala, hand-feed the wallabies and kangaroos and be amazed at the huge salt-water crocodile. It’s also an amazing opportunity to capture a glimpse of some of the rarer and shyer animals that you might not be able to see in the wild such as the bilby and echidna.

    While you might not be able to enjoy the animal encounters in the flesh on a virtual tour, you can still appreciate the great work that Featherdale Wildlife Park does in areas of animal conservation. The park has conducted research studies into native species such as the spotted-tailed quoll and yellow-footed rock wallabies to understand their habits and aid conservation efforts. They also work with partners in breeding programs, like that of the Tasmanian devil which aims to protect the population from the fatal facial cancer that threatens the species.

  • Echo Point and the Three Sisters

    We enter the Blue Mountains and head straight to Echo Point where we can admire one of the Blue Mountains’ most famous attractions, the Three Sisters. As you gaze out over the views of the Jamison Valley and the Three Sisters, you will also be able to see Mount Solitary and the Ruined Castle formation. From here you can follow a path to the Giant Stairway for access to walking trails through the Jamison Valley.

    The impressive sandstone rock formations, the Three Sisters, are known as Meenhi, Wimla and Gunnedoo. They feature in Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, but the legends behind them vary. Some say they were three sisters that were turned to stone by witchdoctor after they fell in love with three brothers from a rival tribe. In another tale they were turned to stone by their father to protect them from a nearby Bunyip. Regardless of the tale your chose to believe, the Three Sisters are undeniably a magical sight to behold.

  • Scenic World

    Easily the best way to admire the impressive mountain views and stunning forest scenery of the Blue Mountains is by experiencing the rides at Scenic World. Here you have three fun options that all offer a unique perspective of the scenery and thrilling way to enjoy it.

    The Skyway is an enclosed cable car that will take you over the Jamison Valley for views of Katoomba Falls and more. Gliding 270 metres above the valley floor, stand on the glass floor as you travel across only if you dare! The Cableway is an enclosed cabin that takes you 545 metres down to the Jamison Valley floor, while the Scenic Railway is the world’s steepest passenger railway. If all of this sounds a bit too hair-raising for you, there a boardwalks that snake through the breathtaking forest. Keep your eyes peeled for lyrebirds and other native animals as you explore!

  • Leura

    When it’s time for lunch, swing by the charming village of Leura, where you will find ample options for somewhere to grab a bite. While Europeans first arrived here in 1813, the Dharug people are thought to have inhabited the area for more than 12,000 years. Nowadays the town retains its old-world charm with formal English-style gardens and majestic deciduous trees.

    Once you are suitably refreshed, wander the delightful cherry tree lined main street and take a peek through the windows of the shops offering gifts, old-world toys, handmade chocolates and more.

  • Wentworth Falls

    One of several waterfalls in the area, Wentworth Falls can be explored via several walking tracks and admired from lookout points around the valley. The 187 metre three-tiered drop makes the cascade of water an impressive sight to behold, especially after decent rain in the area. We recommend packing a virtual lunch to enjoy at the picnic areas that dot the region and soak up the peaceful forest surrounds.

  • Evans Lookout

    The final stop on the Blue Mountains tour, Evans Lookout, gives you one last look at the Blue Mountains before heading back to Sydney. Admire the views of the Grose Valley from the lookout, following the Govetts Creek with your eyes as it snakes through the valley below. From here you can explore walking trails in the area including paths to the Grand Canyon and Govetts Leap Lookout.

While this may have given you a taste of what the Blue Mountains has to offer, nothing beats inhaling the clean eucalyptus scented alpine air and hearing the water cascade over the waterfalls. We hope you can join us in real life soon!

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