Can we visit the Blue Mountains now?

The Blue Mountains is one of the most magnetising Australian wonderlands. From Katoomba Falls’ giant cascades to the Three Sisters’ awe and magic, through to Scenic World’s adrenaline-pumping action, the Blue Mountains are a joy for weekenders looking for a bit of adventure!

You will be thrilled to know that yes, you can most certainly visit the Blue Mountains now! You can enjoy the majestic amazement that makes this lush Australian region so enticing, with the following experiences topping any traveller’s Blue Mountains itinerary:

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are up there with the 12 Apostles and Uluru as one of Australia’s most captivating landmarks, with three giant sandstone formations leaping out of the valley below.

But what makes the hike up to Echo Point to view this attraction even more spectacular is the incredible Dreaming lore that surrounds the sisters. Legend has it the Three Sisters were members of the local Katoomba tribe who, in an effort to stop three brothers from the warring Nepean tribe from kidnapping them, were cast in stone by a Katoomba elder.

Unfortunately, the elder was killed in the conflict, and there was no way the sisters could be reverted to their human selves, thus leaving them rendered in stone for all of eternity…

Scenic World

Scenic World was designed to experience the Blue Mountains in the most thrilling way possible, with numerous rides taking you across some of its highest peaks and steepest inclines!

Scenic World’s two starring attractions are the Scenic Railway – the world’s steepest passenger railway – and the Scenic Skyway – a thrilling ride that takes you soaring 270 metres above the valley floor in a cableway fitted with, wait for it… a glass bottom.

Perhaps not for the faint of heart, but for adrenaline junkies, it’s a pretty good way to get your fix…

Katoomba Falls

Australia has no shortage of stunning cascades, so it’s only fitting that a natural wonderland like the Blue Mountains is finished off with the legendary Katoombas Falls: a giant falls towering over the valley below.

What makes the falls even better is that you can camp right near its base, allowing you to awake on a gorgeous mountain morning and take in its tranquil beauty.

Then head over for a lunchtime picnic at the likes of the serene Lyrebird Dell and you’re in for a pretty peaceful Blue Mountains day.


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