Can you walk on the Three Sisters?

Can you walk on the Three Sisters?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/13/2022

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The Blue Mountains are easily one of Australia’s most sublime natural getaways, with towering peaks, gorgeous cascades, fascinating caves and a little heart-pumping adventure to go with them!

Whether you’re soaring high above the valley floor at Scenic World, traversing an ancient cave structure at Jenolan, marvelling upon the stunning Katoomba Falls or taking in the sublime natural beauty from a high peak, the Blue Mountains are an invigorating adventure that absolutely everyone can enjoy.

The Blue Mountains is full of stunning attractions, but none are more famous than that of the Three Sisters. This fascinating trio of sandstone rock formations is steeped in local Indigenous legend, with the Katoomba people believing them to be three sisters who were cast in stone to escape members from the neighbouring Nepean people who were intent on kidnapping them.

Given that the Three Sisters is an important Indigenous site, it should go without saying that walking on the Three Sisters is strictly prohibited.

Not only would attempting to climb/walk on the Three Sisters be incredibly disrespectful to the local Indigenous people, it would also be outrageously dangerous, with a likely outcome being the death of the person who thought it was a good idea to climb a jagged rock formation.

So, look, they are two pretty decent reasons to avoid climbing the Three Sisters, but you can still enjoy the miraculous view of them from Echo Point, alongside these other wonderful Blue Mountains adventures:

Scenic World

The Blue Mountains are a stunning landscape – there is no doubt about it – and so one of the most incredible ways to experience them is through some seriously adrenaline-inducing attractions at Scenic World.

Take, for example, the Scenic Skyway, a cableway that glides between two clifftops and is situated a cheeky 270 metres above the valley floor! Next up, the Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest passenger railway and one that takes you through all the lush beauty of the forested landscape!

Jamison Valley

The Jamison Valley encapsulates all the pristine beauty that the Blue Mountains have in great abundance, making it one of the ultimate places in Australia to go for a spot of bush walking!

In the valley you will find stunning clifftops, beautiful waterfalls, abseiling adventures and plenty more to keep you going whilst you traverse the unforgettable Blue Mountains…

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