Carols in the Jenolan Caves

Carols in the Jenolan Caves

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/11/2015

Reading time: 3 mins

The magic of the Jenolan Caves is enough to leave you breathless come summer spring or fall, yet in the festive months, the dazzling jewel like caves brings together the beauty of sound and light in a truly magnificent setting.

The underground haven blends the wonder of rush rivers, glittering gem stone walls, natural rock formations and cathedral like ceilings carved from nature. When the carol singers come into town to perform in the caves the natural echo, the inspiring acoustics and the ethereal environment blend to make something truly special.

Shop, Eat and Be Merry

Boasting a whole day of festive fun this is the perfect event for the whole family and an incredible way of raising money for children along with supporting the local community. Market stalls can be found selling exciting Christmas wares and lavish gifts throughout the day meaning that you can stock up on seasonal goodies. Whether you arrive early or go home late there is also the option to indulge in the delectable Christmas lunch or dinner buffet at Chisloms as long as you have a prior reservation. Not only can you raise your glass of egg nog on arrival to make a seasonal toast but you can stuff yourself senseless with a traditional roast dinner, all the trimmings, sweet pumpkin and a generous helping of trifle to finish.

Angels in the Underground

After the buffet it’s time to enter the incredible Grand Archway to hear the seasonal songs spill out in superior style. The angelic choir bring harmony to the table and the flickering soft lights and incredible illuminations create an intimate feel of festive magic. There will be plenty of performers to keep spirits high and to showcase the best talent Australia has to offer. Not only can you close your eyes and let the sweet voices and songs of Christmas carry you away but the venue makes full use of the space especially when it comes to the elements of sound, lighting and decoration. Santa Claus himself will also be there to wow the younger members of the audience.

A Festive Memory to Treasure

The carols concert in the Jenolan Caves is something truly special and a memory to treasure for all the Christmases to come. Not only can you eat, drink and be merry but you also get the incredible chance to listen to your favourite festive songs floating out of the underground.

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