Dream Time Story of the 3 Sisters in the Blue Mountains

Dream Time Story of the 3 Sisters in the Blue Mountains

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/19/2014

Reading time: 4 mins

Learn the Aboriginal dream-time legend on this incredible natural wonder!

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains

The beauty of the Blue Mountains is shrouded in a veil of mystery and outstanding natural splendour. Silver mist rises from the green cloaked rainforest, golden peaks reach towards the sky and down in the valleys waterfalls gush to feed the scented eucalyptus trees. One of the most spectacular landmarks of this world heritage site has to be The Three Sisters.

Every year tourists flock to stand in awe at the unusual rock formations carved from the cliffs at Echo Point in Katoomba. These three majestic rocks capture the sunlight and burst with colour throughout the day, even when the sky floods with night the magical three sisters glitter gold against the velvet backdrop.

  • A Tale of Love

    Yet it’s not only the wonder of the landscape that captures the hearts of many travellers who sojourn to the Blue Mountains but the story behind the three rocks that stand tall. The ancient aboriginal legend tells the tale of three sisters – ‘Meehni’, ‘Wimlah’ and Gunnedoo’. These three enchanting girls lived in the heart of the Jamison Valley as part of the Katoomba tribe. Yet the girls were young and their hearts were captured by three brothers from a neighbouring tribe. However the law of the land forbid the girls from following their desires and marrying outside their own people.

  • A Tale of Blood

    The brothers decided to capture the girls and carry them away to be wed, a major battle ensued as the two tribes clashed and the blood ran thick. An elderly witchdoctor from the Katoomba tribe feared for the safety of the beautiful sisters and cast a spell to turn them to stone to keep them safe from harm. Yet during the raging battle the witchdoctor was killed and unable to reverse the spell.

  • A Tale of Magic

    The sisters stand mournfully high above the Jamison Valley, doused in glory, bewitching in their enchantment but never able to return to the human form. Even for those who don’t believe the legend it still makes for a heart wrenching sight to gaze up at these powerful rocks carved from the earth and to remember the tragic tale.

    Whether you ride the scenic railway to capture a glimpse of the three sisters standing tall in the afternoon sun or whether you trek through the trails that wrap around Echo Point, the sisters are sure to ignite the spark in your imagination and to bring to life a touch of magic and myth with this dream time tale.

  • Alternative Theory

    There’s another legend that is connected to the formation of the Blue Mountains Three Sisters and offers up an explanation of how the rocks came to be.

    This tale begins with Tyawan, a witch doctor who had three daughters; Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo. Whenever Tyawan had to pass by a hole to get food, he would leave his three daughters behind a rocky wall on a cliff. He did this because down this deep, dark hole there lived a Bunyip who was the most feared creature on the land.

    One day as Tyawan passed by the hole off to get food, a large centipede crawled next to the girls and scared Meenhi so much that she threw a rock at it. The rock then fell down into the valley and angered the Bunyip. He came up to face the girls, and Tyawan who saw this from a distance turned his daughters into stones to protect them from the Bunyip with his magic bone. After he had done this, the Bunyip began chasing him so he turned himself into a lyre bird. All was well and everyone safe, however in the scuffle Tyawan had dropped his magic bone somewhere, leaving him a bird and his three daughters into the rock formations we see today. It’s said that you can still hear the call of the lyre bird around the rocks even till now; Tyawan in search of the magic bone.

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