How long is the walk down to Wentworth Falls?

How long is the walk down to Wentworth Falls?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/27/2022

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The Blue Mountains are some of Australia’s most enchanting natural wonderlands. This sprawling region – located just west of Sydney – is replete with towering peaks, lush valleys, famous landmarks and a few cascading waterfalls to top things off!

One of the most incredible cascades in the Blue Mountains is Wentworth Falls, a dramatic three-tiered waterfall reaching a massive 187 metres in height.

Starting at the Conservation Hut or Wentworth Falls picnic area it is a 4.5 kilometre circuit trail that encompasses the wondrous Jamison Valley and, of course, the falls themselves!

Gazing upon the falls is one of the most surreal experiences in the entire Blue Mountains, perfect to enjoy alongside these unforgettable experiences:

Scenic World

Scenic World is a thrill seeker’s delight. Sure, it might not be on the level of skydiving or swimming with great whites, but its rides provide a thrilling experience that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Take, for example, the Scenic Skyway, a heart-pumping cableway suspended a cheeky 270 metres above the valley floor (oh, did we mention it has a glass bottom?).

Next, try the Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest passenger railway. It may not sound like much, but being on a super steep railway is truly enough to get your blood pumping just that little bit.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters – as well as being a famous geological site – are forever etched into the minds of school children across the country. This enchanting trio of sandstone formations keeps out of the valley, beguiling visitors who are there to marvel upon its majesty and get a feel for that wonderful Dreaming story that accompanies them.

Legend has it that the Three Sisters are themselves members of the local Katoomba tribe who were cast in stone to avoid three brothers from the warring Nepean tribe kidnapping them for their hands in marriage.

Unfortunately they were unable to be returned to their human form, and thus they stand in eternity as the absolutely wondrous Three Sisters!


The Blue Mountains are a picnicker’s dream, with plenty of gorgeous and tranquil spots to take your basket and set up a lovely nature lunch. Lyrebird Dell and the Katoomba Cascades picnic area are just two picks of a very peaceful, vibrant bunch!

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