Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains

Located just outside of the city limits of Sydney, the Blue Mountains attract both locals and tourists alike to its grand views and incredible outdoor activities. It’s one of the most visited regions in New South Wales and continue to serve as a top rated destination for many visitors. With the variety of outdoor activities available in the area, it’s a nice alternative to go underground. It’s not a surprise that the Jenolan Caves are one of the highlights of the Blue Mountains.

The oldest and largest caves in Australia, the Jenolan Caves offer just about everything for its visitors. Accommodation is available for any budget including cottages, a lodge, houses, and rooms for large groups. The variety doesn’t stop there. There are several dining options at the caves depending on your what you’re in the mood for. They have a fine dining restaurant, casual dining, BBQ & picnic areas, and leisurely lunch spots.

To see the caves is an experience on its own! You have the option to choose a tour guide, what time of the day, and the caves you want to see. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure at its best! Experience the caves at night, watching the caves glow, or take a self-guided tour during the day and see multiple caves.

One of the most popular features of the Jenolan Caves is the adventure caving option. There are a couple different adventure options which include abseiling down a small hole into a large abyss, squeezing through small crevasses and crawling up and around the cave floors. It’s a full-on adventure for any level of fitness. These adventure cave tours range in duration with the shortest being two hours.

If you think your are fit, there is another adventure caving tour that takes you deep into the cave, using your agility and strength to climb down a steep descent and squeeze through small cracks. Through this tour you get to climb a rock ladder, slide down a natural slide, and use every ounce of energy to climb back up to the surface. It’s not for the faint hearted or claustrophobic!

The longest tour of six hours takes you well into the cave to explore large crystal formations, an underground river, and natural beauty you have never seen. This tour is exhausting and only for the people who are up for the ultimate adventure.

Jenolan Caves is a great destination for all ages and continues to attract new visitors each year with its amazing cave of wonders.

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