River Cruise from Homebush Bay to Sydney Harbour

River Cruise from Homebush Bay to Sydney Harbour

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/14/2016

Reading time: 3 mins

Cruise back to Sydney Harbour on the picturesque Parramatta River

During rush hour, the traffic in Sydney can get a little hectic. The streets fill up with commuters, and the roads are jam-packed full of cars, making it seem impossible to get anywhere! Travelling back from the Blue Mountains into the Sydney centre can even be harder, with the route that weaves from the mountain top to the city bumper to bumper with tour bus’ and locals. But don’t despair, as there is another way to head back into the big smoke without having to get stuck in rush-hour.

How do you do that? By taking a river cruise from Homebush Bay into Sydney Harbour along the Parramatta River. Finish your trip to the Blue Mountains in style with a river cruise that takes you from Homebush Bay to either Circular Quay or Darling Harbour in Sydney. Opting for a relaxing way to travel from one hotspot to the next while avoiding the crowds and marvelling at the spectacular views of the city along the way.

This particular cruise begins in the Blue Mountains’ Homebush Bay and takes you straight to either Darling Harbour or Circular Quay in Sydney’s Harbour, so you can disembark at a place that is convenient for you. But it also means you can experience the impressive landmarks of Sydney from another perspective – such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Bridge, both of which are even more amazing when viewed from the water. As you cruise along the lush Parramatta River, you might be able to spot the hustle and bustle of Parramatta itself, with its tangle of eateries, art galleries, theatres, and creative venues that make it such a trendy, popular hangout. The atmosphere gets even more electric the closer you get to Sydney Harbour. While the sky turns from light to dark, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to snap some photos of the river and the landmarks that surround it,

The cruise not only opens your eyes to the attractions and scenery, but there is also a live commentary that will educate you on the history of both the nearby bushland and city as you come into the Harbour, learning all about the fascinating stories that imbue the streets, the Harbour, and the landmarks along the picturesque Parramatta River.

If you are feeling a bit peckish during the cruise, try out the range of snacks and drinks from the licensed bar on-board! Nibbling on some chips as you wahs it down with a delicious sparkling wine in the ultra-modern catamaran. The fully retractable roof means you’ll have prime viewing location for all the sights on offer, too, so pair your food with an epic view!

This is without a doubt the best way to travel from the mountains to the city, skipping the mangle of traffic and finishing your trip to the Blue Mountains in a leisurely, peaceful way.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
Managing Director at Sightseeing Tours Australia

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