The Best Things to Do in The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is a magical place, filled with lush forests, thundering waterfalls and an incredible mountain range. It boasts some of Australia’s most majestic scenery, encompassing sprawling velvet mountains, dipping valleys, and a whole host of amazing attractions to see.

Throughout the region, you can get stuck into a range of activities, whether you’re looking to dig into the rich culture of the region, or want to get your adrenalin pumping with a fast-paced adventure.

The spectacular scenery will give you plenty of photo opportunities and unforgettable adventures, but where do you start?

Here are some of the best things to do in the Blue Mountains.

  • Scenic World

    Scenic World, NSW

    Scenic World is perhaps the best-loved attraction in the area. It boasts a selection of rides that take you up the mountains to incredible viewpoints. There’s the Skyway, which allows guests to glide between the cliff tops and gaze through the glass floor to the rainforest canopy below. The Cableway promises panoramic views of the Jamison Valley, featuring sights of the Three Sisters, Orphan Rock, Mt Solitary and Katoomba Falls. The Walkway is perfect for those unsure of heights, with countless paths through the thick greenery, letting visitors immerse themselves in the tranquillity that is the Blue Mountains. Finally, there is the Scenic Railway, which is the world’s steepest passenger railway, with a 52-degree incline. Each ride offers spectators a different perspective of the Mountains and the Jamison Valley below. Promising some of the best views offered in the wondrous Blue Mountains.

  • Stroll Around Leura

    Leura is a quaint town in the midst of the Blue Mountains. a charming wonderland that still has Australia’s vintage feel. Here, visitors can dip in and out of antique shops, old-fashioned sweet stores, and cute boutiques filled with local crafts and fashion. The main strip is worth a wander along, with its shops, cafes, and homely eateries to check out. There is as well many walking tracks nearby and even a waterfall perfect for swimming!

  • The Three Sisters

    Three Sisters Sunset View

    The most prominent natural wonder in the region, The Three Sisters, seen in every Blue Mountains postcard and advertisement, is a unique rock formation located at Echo Point in Katoomba. The local Aboriginal community have a riveting Dreamtime story regarding how these rocks formed. It represents the three sisters who were turned to stone in a famous Aboriginal legend. The story goes that the three sisters fell in love with three neighbouring men from their nearby tribe. Marrying someone from another tribe was forbidden, and they started a war between the two neighbours. The witch doctor took pity on the girls and turned them into three large stones to keep them safe in the war. Sadly, the witch doctor perished in the battle, so there was no one to transform the girls back to their normal selves, leaving them to forever stay the rock formations. Apart from the rocks themselves, the area is bursting with incredible scenery. Promising visitors not just an up-close view of the Three Sisters, but panoramic sights of the spectacular Blue Mountains.

  • Bushwalking

    The Blue Mountains are filled with spectacular scenery, and there are numerous hiking and biking trails that weave through the undergrowth. Explore waterfalls, either plunging into the refreshing waters or sunbaking on the large rocks surrounding the pools. Visit ancient cliffs and learn about both the aboriginal stories and geological formations behind these impressive natural wonders. Lastly, you can marvel at the wide selection of native flora and fauna as you go, seeing some of Australia’s most beloved animals in their natural environment.

  • See the Open Gardens

    The cool climate of the Blue Mountains makes it the perfect habitat for exotic gardens, of which there are plenty in the region. During Autumn and Spring, these privately-owned gardens burst with colour and are open to the public. You can also catch a glimpse of colourful blooms along the village streets, but make sure you check the opening times for each garden, for their hours change depending on who owns them.

  • Art Galleries

    The Blue Mountains boasts a rich culture, spanning back thousands of years and covering hundreds of Aboriginal traditions. In many of the unique towns and villages in the region, you can pop into the art galleries and studios to explore the creative side of the landscape. Simply browse the mesmerising artworks, watch the artists as they create, or pick up a souvenir to remember your time in the Blue Mountains.

  • Wentworth Falls

    Wentworth Falls

    Out of the many waterfalls around, the Wentworth Falls is undoubtedly one of the best to visit. Hidden in the lush bushland of the Blue Mountains, the spectacular waterfall produces the rumble of water sound amidst the bird chirps and rustling bushes. Cascading down 300 metres from the Jamison Creek into a large watering hole below. Learn about the fascinating history of this waterfall, with a direct link with the ancient aboriginal people of the region. Take a walk around the many walking tracks spread out around the waterfalls, ending the adventure by cooling off in the refreshing waters.

  • Jenolan Caves

    Jenolan Caves Inside

    This cave system is similar to a labyrinth, measuring up to 340 million years old, and with multiple caves too hidden to be seen by humans. The hidden dark world is bursting with underwater rivers, limestone chasms, and a unique range of wildlife. The Jenolan Caves are a form of Karst landform, which has been evolved by rock dissolving in water over millions of years of erosion. The rock has slowly chipped away until deep gaps that have progressed so much, they have left a series of small to large caves, with underground rivers and natural archways, much like a large honeycomb system. There are a number of things you can do in the caves, but going with a tour is mandatory, as individual sightseeing is dangerous and not allowed. Once you have joined a tour, take a leisurely stroll through the lit-up caves, seeing some of the glorious natural wonders hidden inside. If you are after something a bit more adventurous, you can do some cave climbing instead. Going even deeper in the cave system and finding strength in yourself you may have not even realised was there.

  • Featherdale Wildlife Park

    If you haven’t had any luck seeing any of the Blue Mountains’ wild animals yet, don’t despair, as the Featherdale Wildlife Park can help you out. Offering a meet and greet with many of the Mountains’ favourite animals, including the famous Koalas, kangaroos, and wombats. Visit at certain times of the day and hear the professional staff introducing these animals to the crowd, with even up close encounters offered as well!

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