The Eclectic Wildlife of the Blue Mountains

The Eclectic Wildlife of the Blue Mountains

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/26/2017

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The Blue Mountains offer the perfect countryside escape from the bustling city life of Sydney.

Bathed in a mountainous glow and boasting a jaw-dropping landscape of velvet peaks and fairytale valleys, the region is home to some of Australia’s most loved animals.

The Animals of the Blue Mountains

There are a huge number of furry critters that roam the scenery of the Blue Mountains, many of which are nocturnal. That being said, there is still plenty of opportunity to see some of Australia’s most iconic creatures in this region, including the kangaroo, wallaby, and koalas, who kick back and relax in the eucalyptus trees and red gums.

Elsewhere, you might be lucky enough to see spotted-tail quolls which, though nocturnal, are the largest predators that call the mountains home. There are also possums, bandicoots, flying foxes, and bats which all come out at night to feed and explore the mountainous landscape.


As well as furry critters, the Blue Mountains are also home to an eclectic selection of reptiles, from snakes to lizards and everything in between.

Keep your eyes peeled for long-necked turtles and blue-tongued lizards, as well as colourful varieties of gecko, skink, bearded dragon, and eastern water dragon. In water-based regions, you might also be able to see (or hear) some of the many different types of frog that call the mountains home.

Be careful when approaching reptiles in the Blue Mountains as, although most are safe, there are a few species with a venomous bite.


The hazy mountain backdrop and its swathe of lush greenery make the Blue Mountains the perfect habitat for hundreds of species of bird. Here, you can listen out for the noisy rainbow lorikeet, whose trill bleats throughout the scenery, and whip birds that are distinct thanks to their whip-crack call.

There are also plenty of native kookaburras to spot, which again boast a unique call that sounds almost like a laugh or cackle, and other species, like rosellas, currawongs, and three creepers.

The Blue Mountains really are a bird spotter’s paradise, particularly in the wooded areas that flank the mountains.

Animal lovers will enjoy the incredible diversity in the region. Thanks to the many different kinds of landscapes that characterise the Blue Mountains, there is plenty of wildlife to keep an eye out for, from furry native critters to colourful birds and eye-catching reptile species.

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