The History and Surroundings of the Incredible Furber Stairs

The History and Surroundings of the Incredible Furber Stairs

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/20/2015

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Visit the hidden wonder of this scenic walking track amidst the thick bushland!

The Blue Mountains are a spectacular part of Australia, boasting incredible soaring peaks flecked with dense green jungles and dipping valleys with majestic rivers and even more magical waterfalls.

It’s an area of true natural beauty and one that a lot of tourists visit in search of wild Australian beauty and to be surrounded by the ancient landscape of the country. Throughout the Blue Mountains National Park there are numerous landmarks, from waterfalls and rock formations to hikes and walks.

Whether you’re a keen hiker or not, you should definitely check out the steep Furber Stairs, also known as the Furber Steps. This walking trails are within one of the best-known regions of the Blue Mountains, sitting amongst the incredible backdrop of Jamison Valley, and surrounded by lush greenery and breath-taking, jutting mountains.

It’s not an easy walk, but well worth the effort for the views across the valley. As you descend down towards the Jamison Valley from the Scenic Railway (another famous hotspot in the region), you’ll find yourself immersed in a picturesque snapshot of rainforests and waterfalls and might even catch a glimpse of some of Australia’s native wildlife.

The bottom of the stairs link up with the well-traversed Federal Pass which crosses through the forest at the foot of Jamison Valley and works its way over towards Katoomba Falls. It’s the perfect route to take if you’re looking to hit all the major attractions in the Blue Mountains and is the closest mountain walkway to the Scenic Railway. If you like, you can challenge yourself to steep hike back up the Furber Stairs, working up a sweat amidst the bird calls and bushland scenery.

Due to Scenic Railway being so close to walking track, many travellers head to the neighboring Scenic World either prior or post a walk along the Furber Stairs. Scenic World is a self-guided nature-based experience, offering both walkways weaving, throughout the lush bushland, to epic skyway and railway rides that hang above the tree canopy. Promising you the very best views of the iconic Blue Mountains region. The Scenic Railway is closest to the Furber Stairs and is listed as the world’s steepest railway with a measure of 52-degree incline.

There are a number of other detours you can take along the path to really make the most of the experience. Seeing the mesmerising Katoomba Falls is always a popular highlight, featuring a segmented waterfall that descends into the Jamison Valley. A number of lookouts are also scattered nearby, including the Cliff View lookout or Cooks Crossing, promising you perfect insta-worthy sights of the unforgettable Blue Mountains.

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