The Town of Leura – Blue Mountain’s hidden gems

Touring the Blue Mountains National Park can be an incredibly rewarding experience, from thrilling sightings of the wildlife to wonderful views of this brilliant landscape, you will find yourself in awe of the beauty of this place. There is, however, more to the Blue Mountains than what first meets the eye.

The quaint town of Leura is nestled in the Blue Mountains region, with a stunning backdrop of golden-orange escarpments for this Edwardian village. Located on the outskirts of Katoomba, Blue Mountain’s chief town, Leura’s quiet charm has had an intoxicating effect on its visitors for the past few decades. The undeniably warm and friendly atmosphere has drawn people in from around the world to experience a tour of the town and its exciting attractions.

Due to its incredible location in the Blue Mountains, Leura is first and foremost a sightseeing destination and will provide you with ample opportunities to go out and explore the beautiful region. With a plethora of well-marked walking trails to choose from, you can lace up your hiking boots and set out in the early hours of the morning to enjoy the sunrise as it illuminates your surroundings in a heavenly glow. As you walk throughout the area you will find yourself awestruck by the seemingly endless beauty of the landscape as viewpoint upon viewpoint offer you unforgettable views.

But walking is not the only way to enjoy these views, you can experience them on horseback, or even with your blood pumping as you ride a bike along one of the many trails. For a truly great end to your day of trail-walking and sightseeing, you can stop off at Sublime Point and gaze out from this panoramic viewpoint, and as the sun begins to set you can catch a glimpse of the fiery orange glow of the iconic Three Sisters rock formation.

But Leura’s charm is not restricted to its surroundings, but is, in fact, due to the wonderful atmosphere that the town and its locals emit. You can visit The Mall, where you will find a choice of cafés, which in the spring will be surrounded by the petals of cherry blossoms. If shopping isn’t your scene, you can visit the town’s famed everglades garden, a 12.5-acre plot that houses beautiful views and amazing plant life that perfectly showcases the Blue Mountain vegetation. Pack yourself a picnic basket and enjoy a peaceful lunch among the trees on one of the garden’s many picnic tables.

Leura’s mesmerising views, delicious treats and wonderful atmosphere have made it one of Blue Mountain’s number one destinations.

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