What is Leura famous for?

What is Leura famous for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/14/2022

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The Blue Mountains are some of Australia’s most perfectly picturesque scenery, with towering peaks, endless views, giant cascades and lush valleys just some of the attractions making up this amazing wonderland!

From the world famous Three Sisters to the spectacular Katoomba Falls, Scenic World’s heart-pumping fun and the incredible Jenolan Caves, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this mesmerising part of the world.

One of the towns that makes the Blue Mountains such a charming getaway is Leura, a quaint little spot with a lot of fun to be had.

Leura is famous for its stunning natural beauty, with plenty of tranquil gardens open to public viewing throughout the year. What’s more, Leura is also home to the serene Lyrebird Dell, the enchanting Pool of Siloam and, a bit further one, the unforgettable Prince Henry Cliff Walk.

With all that and more awaiting your stay in this peaceful little town, it’s little wonder why Leura has become one of the most popular destinations in the whole of the Blue Mountains!

It’s the perfect place to set up camp when enjoying these amazing experiences:

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters is up there as one of Australia’s most incredible natural landmarks. The trio of giant sandstone stacks that leap out of the valley below are steeped in Indigenous heritage, being the site of one of the Dreaming’s most famous tales.

Legend has it that the Three Sisters were actually three sisters from the local Katoomba tribe, cast in stone for eternity to save them from three brothers from the warring Nepean tribe.

The legend makes visiting the Three Sisters all the more special, as it is truly a remarkable site that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated…

Scenic World

Scenic World is one of the most exhilarating adventure parks in all of Oz, being home to two truly adrenaline-pumping rides that provide the most astounding views of the region.

Both the Scenic Railway (the world’s steepest passenger railway) and the Scenic Skyway (soaring 270 m above the valley floor) are seriously fun, if you have the stomach for it.

Even if you don’t you should give them a try – they are a great way to start your journey to getting over your fear of heights!

Leura and the Blue Mountains are truly spectacular, a dreamy getaway that is perfect at any time of the year – we’re sure you’ll love it…

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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