What is the difference between the Blue Mountains regular and deluxe tours?

What is the difference between the Blue Mountains regular and deluxe tours?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/14/2019

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A bit confused about our tours? Take a look and see which one works best for you!

The World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains are one of the top day trips in the outer regions of Sydney. Home to breathtaking views, lush rainforests, and chiselled rock formations. The huge valley of land spans 11,400 km and is estimated to be 470 million years old. Hundreds of tourists come to this exceptional Australian highlight, hoping to discover the region’s hidden secrets and jaw-dropping sights.

But with so many tours to choose from, how can one decide? We have a range of tours to the Blue Mountains, and we are here to tell you the difference!

The Difference in Tours

Each tour is all organised differently! Although they are all going to the same place, there is not just one way to see the Blue Mountains. With numerous stops along the way, and great attractions nearby, it’s easy for different tours to go off and discover alternative activities along the way. Choosing which journey suits, you all depend on your own interests. Whether you enjoy wildlife compared to Australian culture and history, or perhaps a luxury cruise instead of a hiking adventure, all these interests determine which tour you will enjoy the most.

  • Our Regular Tour

    Blue Mountains Day Tour

    Our regular tour of the Blue Mountains jam-packs a full day with attractions and fun. Starting from Sydney’s city centre, the bus cruises along the scenic drive until it reaches its first destination: Sydney Zoo. Here, you will get to see a variety of native Australian wildlife. A trip to the zoo includes kangaroo feeding and a First Nations cultural talk.

    Next stop is the famous Three Sisters, the most recognisable sight within the mountains. The iconic landmark can be viewed from the famous Echo Point Lookout. Be sure to bring your camera to snap photos of the stunning landscape!


    The journey through the Blue Mountains continues with a scenic hike along Prince Henry Cliff Walk. You wil have about 1.5 hours to admire the scenery from a range of lookouts. Be sure to stop at Orphan Rock Lookout, Katoomba Falls Lookout, Cliff View Lookout, and Juliet’s Balcony. Alternatively, you can upgrade your ticket to visit Scenic World. With unforgettable experiences including a walkway, a skyway, a cableway, as well as a railway.

    Conclude the tour with a river cruise back to the city! Skipping the traffic on the way home to opt for a relaxing journey floating down to the Sydney Harbour. Kick back and relax as the city lights slowly come into view.

  • Our Deluxe Tour

    Blue Mountains Deluxe Tour

    Our Deluxe tour is a luxury journey to the Blue Mountains, with more inclusions offered in the ticket compared to our regular.

    To kick things off, the tour will start off with a wildlife adventure, visiting Sydney Zoo. Here you can cuddle a koala, feed a kangaroo, and spot a roaming wombat. You will also get to join a guided First Nations cultural talk from a knowledgeable guide. After befriending the local wildlife, the tour will head to Echo Point for a breathtaking view of the Jamison Valley and the unique rock formation of the Three Sisters.

    Next stop will be the Scenic World! But for this tour, all ticket prices are included, letting you waltzes right through the gate and waste no time lining up to pay.

    Afterwards, we’ll skip Sydney’s rush hour by taking a river cruise, where you can learn more about the architecture, history and culture of the city. Finish the tour at either your choice of the Darling Harbour or Circular Quay.

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