What is the main town in the Blue Mountains?

What is the main town in the Blue Mountains?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/15/2023

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One of Australia’s most scenic locations with lush forests, and exciting rock formations.

The Blue Mountains have some of the most beautiful scenery in New South Wales. Katoomba is the main town in the Blue Mountains with amazing views of the mountains and surrounding areas.

What can I see at Katoomba?

Katoomba has some of the main attractions in the Blue Mountains. Everything from views of the Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters, and exciting attractions like Scenic World.

Echo Point and the Three Sisters

Echo Point gives you some of the best views of the Three Sisters and Jamison Valley.

The Three Sisters are three large rock formations that have a Katoomba Dreaming story. The Three sisters are also a place of special cultural significance to Aboriginal people.

Jamison Valley is amongst the Blue Mountains and is part of the Coxs River system which is a complex structure of canyons and valleys.

Three Sisters walk

Even though the walk does start in Katoomba, you do leave the area as you progress through the walk. The walk can take around 25 to 45 minutes to complete. On the walk, you will get incredible views of the Blue Mountains before you approach the first sister.

Scenic World

Scenic World is one of the most exciting attractions in the Blue Mountains, and it’s right in Katoomba. Scenic World has three different rides you can access and go on, the Scenic Railway, Scenic Cableway, and Scenic Skyway.

Scenic Railway is the steepest railway in the world, and it’s a fantastic way to get down to Jamison Valley. You can also go back up to the top on the railway!

Scenic Cableway is a great ride to go on to view the Three Sisters before descending (or ascending) into Jamison Valley.

Scenic Skyway gives you incredible views of the Three Sisters, Jamison Valley, Mt Solitary, and Katoomba Falls.

When you’re down on the ground in Jamison Valley, make sure you do the Scenic Walkway! You’ll be following a boardwalk through Jamison Valley for about 20 minutes and pass by plants that date back to the Jurassic era.

To see more of Katoomba and the Blue Mountains, you can consider booking a tour! There is a one day tour that takes you through the Blue Mountains. On the tour, you’ll go to Echo Point to see the Three Sisters and Jamison Valley. Next on the tour you’ll go to Scenic World and have the chance to go on all three rides.

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