Where to eat at the Blue Mountains

Where to eat at the Blue Mountains

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/06/2020

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Gorge yourself on the region’s delightful array of cuisines!

A wonderland of dense eucalypt forests, underground cave systems, and sprawling mountaintops, the Blue Mountains is truly a worthwhile adventure. Many travellers head into this natural paradise for a day or a weekend escapade, trekking through the lush greenery and on top of the highest peaks. But all this exploring can tire even the fittest traveller out, so the region has made sure to have plenty of food spots to help folk refuel. Offering home-baked sweets, hearty pub foods, and even a couple boozy sites to delight visitor’s taste buds!

  • Darleys

    For a truly indulgent meal within the Blue Mountains, Darleys is your number one choice. Nestled within a spectacular garden setting in a heritage-listed house, the restaurant is a fine dining experience. Winning a number of awards over the years, the restaurant offers both a delicious tasting menu as well as a vast history. Once home to Sir Frederick Darley, the sixth Chief Justice of NSW, with the Lilianfels house perfectly decorated and designed that lures guests from all the world.

  • Leura Garage

    The name may throw you off a bit, but its informal style is what makes this restaurant so worthwhile. Although the style is casual, the menu is anything but, created by award-winning chef Regan Porteous who uses a range of international styles and flavours to bring folk a unique and mouth-watering menu. The restaurant encourages tables to share, so bring your partner or posse for an array of delicious treats to try for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

  • Polar Bear

    Pop in for a pizza or spend the night going through the entire cocktails’ menu! Regardless of your choice, the Polar Bear is a trendy hang out spot to relax at during your Blue Mountains trip.

  • Mountain Culture Beer Co

    After only opening its doors last year, this spot has skyrocketed to the top of the Blue Mountains eateries list. Formally it is a brewery, yet the Mountain Culture Beer Co takes its food matching seriously, presenting a range of hearty meals that match their unique ales perfectly! Sit on the brewery’s outdoor deck and enjoy the stunning scenery while you down the array of beer flavours!

  • Miss Lilian’s Teahouse

    This boutique-style teahouse offers an extraordinary range of Asian cuisine. A favourite among both locals and visitors, the Miss Lillian’s is perfect for those after a lavish afternoon of delicious treats! From an array of dumplings, delicious curry, to light rice paper rolls, no matter what your craving is, this tea house has you covered!

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