Why you should visit the Leura Cascades

Leura; nestled in the thick bushland of the Blue Mountains. Known as the most popular tourist spot in the entire greenery, Leura is home to friendly locals, delicious grub, and vast and interesting history. But another great aspect of the town is its natural wonders, including the renowned Leura Cascades.

Can you swim there?

Leura Cascades was once the first location of the Leura Baths constructed in the Blue Mountains back in the 1950s. These days the baths are just a distant memory of the past. You can most defiantly plunge into the waters, but as the area is quite shallow, most will simply pop their feet it or trek through with their pants folded up.

How to get there

Following Leura Creek down to a beautiful small waterfall, this is one of the prettiest short walks in the Leura area. Sit under the overhang and watch as the falls cascade down around you, then climb to great views of the Leura cliff line. This circuit track leads back to the park. Start at Leura Cascades Picnic Grounds. Accessible by car and bus. It’s also a 30-minute walk from Leura Train Station.

Nearby Activities

Picnic Area

The Leura Cascades isn’t the only worthwhile attraction in this area, with stunning greening covering the area and perfect activities on offer. A picnic area is provided nearby the waterfall, and next door to the carpark, guaranteeing you a blissful break among the shade after a plunge into the pool. During this time, you tuck into some delicious grub that you either brought from home or got from the local café.

Walking tracks

To discover more of the area, you can try out the walking paths surrounding the waterfall. Travel to the look point right above the Leura Falls Creek and start your journey around the bushland. You’ll travel along the walking path and watch the Leura Falls Creek drop into the Valley while discovering the area’s plant life and animals roaming the bush. After this point, there are two ways to head back to the picnic area of Leura Cascades. You can either turn right back around and return via the same path, or your head goes up the metal stairs from the lookout and go on an extended circuit walk.

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