The Wombats

The Wombats

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/21/2015

Reading time: 2 mins

Get to know Australia’s quirky and adorable wombat that fit right into the country’s unusual animal kingdom!


Wombats are some of the cutest animals on earth. Luckily if you’re in Australia, you have the chance to see them up close and personal! Meeting them either in the wild or at one of the parks around the country.

About the Wombats

Wombats are small but sturdy creatures,  only measuring up to 1 metre in length! They are part of the marsupial family, just like the kangaroo, and come equipped with a pouch in the front of their belly. However, their pouch placement is actually placed backward, all due to the wombat love for digging. Wombats frequently burrow into the dirt, using their long claws to routinely create new homes. Instead of having their pouch on their lower belly such as a kangaroo, they have adapted to have it facing backward to keep clean too and to avoid burrowing their young in dirt. Wombats only give birth once in the spring and the little baby lives in their pouch up to seven months, giving birth after only 21 days.

They are also herbivores, only eating plants, with such a low metabolism that it takes anywhere from eight to 14 days to digest one singular meal. One of the main reasons for their slow digestion is because their body stores food in case of cold temperatures where there may be no food at all. It’s almost like a bear hibernating for winter, but the wombat does it all the time. Due to this, they typically rest a lot of day, slowly strolling the bush floor on occasion. However, in times of stress and danger, they can actually reach speeds to up to 25mph!

Where to See the Wombats in the Blue Mountains

Wombats are only within Australia, scattered about both the mainland and in Tasmania. But if you want a guaranteed sighting with one of these cute little creatures, check them out at the Featherdale Wildlife Park. This wildlife park is home for a range of Australian natives, including the beloved koalas, famous kangaroos, and even the mysterious platypus. You can see the wombats in their natural enclosure, and you may even get a chance for a closer interaction with Featherdale’s Private Animal Encounter, where you can pet them and feed them!

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