The Best Walks From Echo Point

Spanning acres of lush green mountains, carpeted valleys, and spectacular views, the Blue Mountains look they’ve stepped straight out of a storybook. Boasting some of Australia’s most surreal scenery, they prove to be a popular destination for tourists on the hunt for incredible scenery and jaw-dropping panoramic views. One of the best places to capture the surroundings in a panoramic shot is the Echo Point Lookout, located in Katoomba. From this elevated hotspot, you can gaze out across velvet-looking mountains towards the legendary Three Sisters monuments and the National Park as it unfolds beneath you.

Taking a day trip here is the perfect way to soak up everything the area has to offer. It also acts as a gateway to numerous walks perfect for beginners and keen hiking enthusiasts. The stunning scenery lends itself to picturesque walking trails, while the abundance of wildlife on offer keeps walkers busy.

Echo Point

Here are three of the best walks you can do from Echo Point

Prince Henry Cliff Walk

The Prince Henry Cliff Walk, connects up Echo Point with Leura Cascades, offering plenty of amazing lookouts along the way. Clinging to the edge of the cliffs, the route takes in some of the best scenery in the area and let’s you see the National Park from a number of different perspectives.

To Scenic World

This day-long walk takes you all the way to Scenic World via the Giant Stairway. You’ll end up in one of the best-loved parts of the Blue Mountains, having passed sprawling valleys, handcrafted monuments, and the iconic Three Sisters that jut up out of the Mountains.

Along the way, you’ll get to soak up the fascinating history of the region, as well as discover some of Australia’s most breath-taking natural scenery. When you arrive at Scenic World, you can take a trip on the Scenic Railway for even more spectacular views.

To Katoomba Falls

The nearby Katoomba Falls are well worth a look-in while you’re in the area. You can walk to them from Echo Point, taking in the splendid scenes of the Jamison Valley along the way. The Falls are hidden below Katoomba Park, where you can watch the mesmerising cascades fall down the rocks into the stream below. From here, the walk continues along the cliff-edge, taking in more scenic lookout points before returning full-circle to Echo Point.

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