Get to Know Homebush Bay

Set on the picturesque south bank of the Parramatta River in Sydney, New South Wales, Homebush Bay sprawls out in an artificial but beautiful shoreline. Formerly an official suburb of Sydney, it now encompasses the suburbs of Sydney Olympic Park, Wentworth Point, and Lidcombe. Located just 16km from Sydney’s Central Business District, it offers a scenic change from city life.

The History of Homebush Bay

Founded back in the 1800s by D’arcy Wentworth, an assistant surgeon, the bay got its name thanks to Wentworth naming it his “home in the bush”.

During the 20th Century, the Bay was an important part of Australia’s industrial emergence and saw large scale land reclamations in order to make space for industrial facilities. Afterwards, when operations lessened over time, Homebush Bay emerged as a dumping ground for unused and unwanted materials, including waste from the industrial sites, parts of ships and, more controversially, toxic waste.

Over time the area became dilapidated, but in the 1980s a drive began to regenerate Homebush Bay. Bicentennial Park was constructed and a programme was put in place to rejuvenate the mangrove and saltmarshes that characterised the region before the industrial revolution took place.

But Homebush Bay is perhaps most famous for its hosting of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. It was on the renovated lands of Homebush Bay that the Sydney Olympic Park was erected, encouraging regrowth of the area and its surroundings. All around, pockets of residential and commercial developments popped up, including a huge, popular shopping centre.

Points of Interest at Homebush Bay

Bicentennial Park: Situated on the southern shore of Homebush Bay, this park is made up of rejuvenated mangrove wetland and boasts picturesque views.

Sydney Olympic Park: The area’s most popular attraction covers 640 hectares to the south west of the Bay. Since the close of the 2000 Olympics, the area has seen much development. Office blocks and stylish apartments have been built in the centre of the park, whilst residential hotspots have emerged in Newington, The Waterfront, and Mariners Cove.

The Sydney Showground: Moved from Moore Park in 1998 for the Olympics, the showground was heavily used throughout the games.

Rhodes Shopping Centre: Set on the eastern shore of the Bay, the Rhodes Shopping Centre was constructed to keep up with the developmental demand of Homebush Bay during its years of renovation and rejuvenation.

The Novotel Hotel: This entertainment area features numerous cafes, bars, restaurants, and outdoor facilities that are enjoyed by guests at events held at the Sydney Olympic Park.

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