Taking the Parramatta River Cruise

The area surrounding the Blue Mountains and Sydney is home to some spectacular scenery. Boasting lush waterways and greenery that seems to spread endlessly for miles, the Parramatta River Cruise is one of the best ways to experience everything the area has to offer.

This particular ferry route was the very first one that took passengers from iconic Sydney Harbour all the way up the Parramatta River. Back when it first started, the journey took a whole week to complete – now, it takes just under an hour, taking in some of the river’s most picturesque spots along the way.

There are actually two different routes that visitors can take down the river. The first one is the inner river option, which goes past Woolwich and the lush heights of Cockatoo Island. The second runs via Drummoyne and the Sydney Olympic Park before finishing up at the end of the Parramatta River.

Most visitors plan to stop off a few times on the route to take in some of the landmarks and attractions, so allow plenty of time to explore the area.

Parramatta River

The Parramatta River Cruise Route

This unique ferry ride is like no other in Sydney or its surrounding regions. Starting off at the Harbour Bridge, it gives passengers the chance to soak up the incredible, iconic architecture of the area, as well as the vibrant lights of Luna Park.

It then cruises up the river to Balmain and Cockatoo Island, where plenty of passengers disembark to take a wander through the beautiful flora and fauna that characterises this part of Australia. At this point the route becomes very calm and sails past a number of charming waterside suburbs that are hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Then all hints of civilization disappear and are instead replaced by pretty mangroves that are filled with even more stunning wildlife. Here, it’s difficult to believe you were in the heart of lively Sydney less than an hour before. Taking in the glitzy heights of Sydney Harbour, the lesser-known outskirts of the city, and the natural landscape that surrounds it is one of the reasons the Parramatta River Cruise is so popular. It’s a quick, easy, and beautiful way to get an overview of everything Sydney and its flanking landscape has to offer.

You can then cruise all the way back to Sydney Harbour or take some time in Parramatta to enjoy the local lifestyle.

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