Explore the Blue Mountains With the Scenic Railway

In the heart of the Blue Mountains, the Scenic Railway offers visitors the chance to explore the swathes of velvet scenery all around them from a different perspective.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, it’s the steepest railway in the world, and was originally built to be part of the Katoomba mining tramways that were constructed in the late 1800s.

The railway itself weaves down sandstone cliffs, dipping into a rock tunnel next to the famous Orphan Rock landmark, and then re-emerges to incredible views of the surroundings.

In 2013, the railway underwent an award-winning redevelopment, which made the unforgettable experience even better, with glass-roofed carriages for more expansive views of the rainforest and the Jamison Valley below.

But that’s not all. The Scenic Railway allows passengers to choose their own adventure. The custom-designed carriages give passengers the chance to adjust their seating position up to 20 degrees and choose an adrenalin-pumping “Cliffhanger” option that ascends the mountain at a breath-taking 64-degree angle.

If you’re after a more relaxing experience, you can opt for the “Laidback” option or the “Original” adventure which runs at a 52-degree angle.

Dating back to 1945 when it first started operating as a tourist attraction, the railway has seen more than 25 million passengers on their adventures, and the current version is the fifth-generation train.

At any one time, the Scenic Railway can carry 84 passengers, departing every ten minutes. You can get off the train at the bottom station and hit the Scenic Walkway, which takes you around a 2.4 kilometer walk through Jurassic rainforest.

Scenic Railway, NSW

Where Did It Get Its Name?

First used in the late 1800s, the term Scenic Railway described an amusement ride at English seaside funfairs. The rides were made up of carriages on a track that took passengers past a range of exotic backdrops like the Swiss Alps or the Egyptian Pyramids.

If you’re looking to experience the incredible natural beauty of the Blue Mountains, the Scenic Railway is for you. With its steep incline and its route through rainforest and past sandstone cliff, you’ll get to view the stunning scenery of the region up close.

Not only that, but the incline and the ability to change the angle of your seat makes it so much more than just a simple train ride through the mountains. It really is an exceptional way to explore the Blue Mountains.

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