What to Do at Wentworth Falls

Tucked away in the velvet-canopied confines of the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls is a majestic waterfall promising breath-taking views from its peak. It’s known as one of the most stunning waterfalls in the mountains, and marks the point where the popular Jamison Creek drops down over the escarpment and cascades almost 300m into a large pool. From there, it weaves down the creek into the Valley of the Waters like something out of a fairytale.

As well as boasting incredible views, there are plenty of other things to get stuck into while you’re at Wentworth Falls, whether you’re looking to take walk through the magical undergrowth or want to experience local life in this charming part of Australia.

Wentworth Falls, NSW

Wentworth Falls Village

Wentworth Falls Village is a hive of activity, offering visitors an impressive selection of cute coffee shops and eateries that are overflowing with vibrant community atmosphere. It marks the gateway to Wentworth Falls and the beautiful Wentworth Falls Lake.

Wentworth Falls Lake

The artificially made Wentworth Falls lake is the perfect place to relax after a day of exploring the region. Here, you can tuck into a picnic in the designated area, swim safely in the cooling waters, and let the kids run free on the on-site playground. There is plenty of wildlife to be spotted here, too, including native duck species and other colourful birds.

Charles Darwin Walk

Fancy a hike? The Charles Darwin Walk offers the best scenery from around Wentworth Falls. To the south of the village you can wander along Falls Road where you can then start on the designated walk. It takes you through the lush greenery that surrounds the Falls and opens up onto spectacular views across the Blue Mountains.

Cultural Activities

As well as nature and active adventures, Wentworth Falls also offers a range of cultural activities. In the town, you can explore Falls Gallery, which is home to numerous paintings by emerging Australian artists, and you can discover local life at Central Park and Murray Park, where the residents of the region hang out on a warm day.

Wentworth Falls isn’t just a waterfall. Set amongst the magnificent landscape of the Blue Mountains, it acts as a great starting point to get to know the region. As well as walks, views, and cascading waters, you can also delve into the cultural perks of the area, as well as soak up the bustling lifestyle of the locals in the numerous cafes and small eateries.

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