Blue Mountains Heritage Centre

270 Govetts Leap Rd, Blackheath, NSW 2785

Fun & education at the Blue Mountains Heritage Centre

Blue Mountains Heritage Centre

The Blue Mountains are one of Australia’s natural wonderlands: a sprawling, untouched dreamworld of towering peaks, picturesque waterfalls, pleasant hiking trails and quaint picnic spots.

Given that the Blue Mountains is such a wondrous natural landmark, it makes sense that the Blue Mountains Heritage Centre is a testament to the region, its Indigenous heritage and the unique wildlife that call the mountains home.

Located near Blackheath, the heritage centre is perfect for family fun and learning all about the region, with interactive exhibits and immersive experiences all available for eager tourists.

Whether you’re taking in the fascinating local history at the permanent “Outside In” exhibition, or putting on the VR goggles when traversing the spectacular Claustral Canyon, the Blue Mountains Heritage Centre is the perfect place to learn about this marvellous region before heading out to experience it in all its natural splendour!

Now that you’ve learned a bunch of amazing facts and history at the heritage centre, let’s continue our Blue Mountains adventure with some of the other amazing attractions in the region…

  • See the Three Sisters at Echo Point

    The Three Sisters is a natural landmark forever etched into the cultural history of Australia. The three unique rock formations are the result of countless years of erosion, though local Katoomba lore will tell you that they are actually three sisters who were frozen in time to avoid a bloody conflict. This landmark is quintessentially Blue Mountains, and famous across the world for its fascinating formation.

  • Continue the family fun at Scenic World

    Scenic World is one of the most exhilarating ways to see the Blue Mountains in all its towering wonder. Consisting of a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities, Scenic World provides fearless visitors with incredible views of the surrounding region. Be sure to hop aboard the 270-metre high, 720-metre long Scenic Skyway, complete with glass bottom floor (didn’t we say it was adrenaline-pumping?).

  • Picnic at some truly tranquil falls

    The Blue Mountains is truly the perfect place to enjoy a nice picnic, with gorgeous, peaceful spots providing tranquil backdrops to a nice luncheon. Head out to Leura Falls, where light streams trickle down the rock face and birds sing their songs in the distance. Lyrebird Dell is another beautiful spot for a bite, with its gorgeous falls and waterhole a must-see regardless of whether it’s time to eat or not.

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