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What is the difference between the Blue Mountains regular and deluxe tours?

The World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains are one of the top day trips in the outer regions of Sydney. Home to breathtaking views, lush rainforests, and chiselled rock formations. The huge valley of land spans 11,400 km and is estimated to be 470 million years old. Hundreds of tourists come to this exceptional Australian highlight, hoping to discover the region’s hidden secrets and jaw-dropping sights. But with so many tours to choose from, how can one decide? We have a range of tours to the Blue Mountains, and we are here to tell you the difference! The Difference in Tours Each […]


What to do in the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains is a magical place, filled with lush forests, thundering waterfalls and an incredible mountain range. The spectacular scenery will give you plenty of photo opportunities and unforgettable adventures, but where do you start? Here is our list of the greatest sights to see in this striking mountain range. Three Sisters By far the most famous rock formation in this region is the Three Sisters, seen in every Blue Mountains postcard and advertisement. Featuring an iconic horizon of three massive rock formations that tower over the forest valley. The local Aboriginal community have a riveting Dreamtime story regarding […]


Why visit Leura Cascades

Leura Cascades is blessed with loads of dreamy destinations just a short walk from town, ideal for blissed-out breaks with your partner or posse. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a relaxing break amongst the stunning scenery or a more upbeat adventure, the Cascades has you covered. Follow the Leura Creek down towards the cascading small waterfall of Leura Cascades. Submerge yourself in the lush green scenery, amidst tall eucalypts and bird calls echoing the area. The manmade boardwalk makes it accessible for any kind of traveller, at any kind of fitness level. It is one of the shortest walks […]


How Were the Blue Mountains Formed?

The World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains are located a short drive from Australia’s largest city, Sydney. It is a huge expansion of land, reaching 11,400 km in size and more than 470 million years old. It is home to a range of astonishing mountains, rock formations, deep canyons, lush forest land, as well as stunning waterfalls. But how did this remarkable area form? Back millions of years ago, the sea covered the entire area. During this time, large amounts of sediment dropped into the water, covering the sea floor. Over time, these sediments compressed into sandstone and shale, transforming them into […]


Explore the Aboriginal Rock Engravings at the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are home to some of Australia’s most magical scenes, with the velvet green peaks harbouring years and years of Aboriginal history. Alongside an eclectic collection of native animal species and breath-taking lookout points, the Blue Mountains have formed an important part of the country’s history that can be explored today through the series of rock engravings that are still visible. These ancient creative sites provide a window into the past of the area’s local tribes and give visitors a chance to experience the majestic beauty of ancient art. The Blue Mountains are peppered with important Aboriginal sites, […]


The Blue Mountains Visitor Centre at Echo Point

The Blue Mountains Visitor Centre is set in the heart of Echo Point, an area that opens out into lush green mountains and historic landmarks. Here, visitors can enjoy views of the world-famous Three Sisters natural rock formation and the sprawling expanse of the Jamison Valley. Nestled on the edge of the Blue Mountains National Park not far from Katoomba, the visitor’s centre promises captivating views across the vast surrounding scenery as well as marks the starting point for numerous walks through the landscape. The centre plays host to a range of services, including tours and adventure activities, bushwalking guides, […]


Taking the Parramatta River Cruise

The area surrounding the Blue Mountains and Sydney is home to some spectacular scenery. Boasting lush waterways and greenery that seems to spread endlessly for miles, the Parramatta River Cruise is one of the best ways to experience everything the area has to offer. This particular ferry route was the very first one that took passengers from iconic Sydney Harbour all the way up the Parramatta River. Back when it first started, the journey took a whole week to complete – now, it takes just under an hour, taking in some of the river’s most picturesque spots along the way. […]


The History of the Jenolan Caves

The Blue Mountains are one of Australia’s premiere tourist attractions. They harbour a fascinating amount of history and natural beauty, including plenty of aboriginal heritage and geological wonders. The Jenolan Caves form an important part of the region. These limestone caves can be found in the heart of the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve in the middle of the Central Tablelands region. As one of the most-visited set of limestone caves in the country, the Jenolan Caves proffer a fascinating and lengthy history that covers both Aboriginal legend and a fascinating geological timeline. Today, they remain the most ancient, open caves […]


The Rich Indigenous History of the Blue Mountains

Escape the city and venture into the fairytale world of the Blue Mountains which are set just outside of Sydney. Lush green peaks punctuate the skyline, while quaint villages dot the valleys below. Here, you can dive into the fascinating cultural heritage of the region and learn all about the rich Aboriginal history of the Blue Mountains. For centuries and centuries, the Blue Mountains have formed the home of many Aboriginal tribes, including the Gundungurra and Darug tribes. Still today, plenty of Indigenous peoples live in the area and there are a number of unique cultural sites that let visitors […]


Exploring the Blue Lake in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are one of Australia’s top tourist attractions, unfolding out in a majestic show of soaring peaks and lush, green valleys. Throughout them, there are plenty of natural wonders to feast your eyes on, like the Jenolan area that sits in the middle of it all. In this part of the country, there is a rich history that characterises the natural scenes, complete with centuries-old trees and wild hiking trails that weave through the landscape. Perhaps the most famous part at the heart of the Blue Mountains are the Jenolan caves, which date back 340 million years. The […]

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