What is Katoomba known for?

What is Katoomba known for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/27/2023

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Katoomba is a charming town in the heart of the Blue Mountains.

Katoomba is one of the main towns in the Blue Mountains, which is about a 90-minute drive away from Sydney. Katoomba has some of the main highlights to see in the Blue Mountains too!
You’ll see some iconic rock formations, breathtaking views, amazing waterfalls, and much more.

Katoomba is known for the iconic Three Sisters that sits over Jamison Valley. People will also come to see the incredible views of the Blue Mountains at Scenic World.
If you only have a day to visit the Blue Mountains, Katoomba is the best town to visit to see the main attractions.

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are sandstone pillars that were formed over 200 million years ago. You can get the best views of the Three Sisters at Echo Point around sunrise and sunset.
The Three Sisters names, Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo were three sisters part of the Katoomba tribe.

The Dreaming story is about the three sisters falling in love with three brothers who were from another tribe. The brothers had decided to capture the sisters as tribal law forbade them to marry, which caused a battle between the tribes. Then a Katoomba elder did a spell on the three sisters to turn them into stone, to keep them safe during the battle. But unfortunately, the Katoomba elder died during the battle which left the sisters as stone.

Jamison Valley

Katoomba has some of the most breathtaking views of Jamison Valley which sits below the cliff tops of the town. What makes up Jamison Valley is the lush eucalyptus forest, cliffs, and sandstone. Jamison Valley is also part of the Cox River system which is made from valleys and canyons.

Scenic World

Experience the Blue Mountains differently and go on three rides! You’ll be able to see some breathtaking views from these rides! The rides include the world’s steepest railway, travelling 270 metres above on the Scenic Skyway or seeing Three Sisters, Mount Solitary, and Orphan Rock on the Scenic Cableway.

You can also do the short Scenic Walkway boardwalk through Jamison Valley after you’ve taken the Cableway or the Railway into the forest.

Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls is one of the main waterfalls to see in the Blue Mountains. If you walk from Echo Point, you can start your 3.1-kilometre return walk to see Katoomba Falls! The walk will take you an hour and 30 minutes, and will be well worth it! Once you reach Katoomba Falls Lookout, you will have some of the more marvellous views of the waterfall and the greenery of the Blue Mountains.

To see everything listed above and some of Australia’s cutest wildlife, come join a Blue Mountains day tour from Sydney! Don’t miss your chance to explore and see the incredible scenery of the Blue Mountains.

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