FAQ about Blue Mountains Tours

How long to get there from Sydney?

It takes a couple of hours via bus to get from Sydney to the Blue Mountains. You will be travelling on either a 24 or a 38-seater bus depending on the Blue Mountains Tours you choose.

What are the Jenolan Caves?

The Jenolan Caves are a series of limestone caves, together with pure underground rivers and amazing limestone crystal formations. The caves are found within the Blue Mountains and are listed as some of the finest and oldest cave systems in the entire world.

Will you see the Three Sisters?

Yes! All our Blue Mountains Tours take you to see the spectacular Three Sisters, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions within the region.

Can we touch/ feed kangaroos and koalas?

Only on our 1 Day Blue Mountains Deluxe Tour and 2 Day Blue Mountains Trip with Jenolan Caves offers guests the chance to get as close to koalas as possible. Letting guests meet and pet a koala for an additional cost.

How much are the Scenic World tickets?

Scenic World tickets are from $44 on weekdays and $49 on weekends.

Will we visit Scenic World?

The exact time of when our tour visits Scenic World varies depending on which tour you choose but typically is after lunchtime.

Is there enough time to go on all the rides at Scenic World?

Yes, you get more than enough time to go on all four Scenic World rides!

What can we do if we don’t want to go to Scenic World?

All our tours go to Scenic World as a part of our tour day. However, you are welcome not to participate in this activity if you wish, as there are multiple free walking paths nearby to Scenic World.

Do we visit Katoomba?

Yes, we visit Katoomba on our Blue Mountains Day Tour and 2 Day Blue Mountains Trip with Jenolan Caves Tours.

Do we visit Leura?

Yes, you can enjoy your lunch free time at the town of Leura, which has a number of shops and cafes to choose from.