Visiting Dinosaur Valley at Scenic World

Visiting Dinosaur Valley at Scenic World

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/11/2023

Reading time: 3 mins

See for yourself Australia’s largest outdoor dinosaur experience in the Blue Mountains!

Scenic World is a great way to spend a few hours discovering the Blue Mountains in New South Wales! But now Dinosaur Valley, where you can try to find all the different species of dinosaurs in the valley! Which ones are you most looking forward to finding?

What can I do at Dinosaur Valley?

Dinosaur Valley is back in Scenic World where you can see a range of sculpture dinosaurs that move around and roar at you! There are around 50 dinosaurs within Scenic World’s boardwalk in Jamison Valley.

Junior ranger kits

For the kids, there is a junior ranger kit which comes with some accessories like a pen, water bottle, a hat, bag, and even binoculars!

Dinosaur species

Keep an eye out for the 25 different types of dinosaurs like the iconic t rex, stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, and so many more!

Dino rangers

Curious about some of the different dino species? Ask all your dinosaur-related questions to the dino rangers! You’ll learn some interesting facts and also be able to get up and close to the baby dinosaurs.

What else is there to see at Scenic World?

Scenic World is a great way to experience the Blue Mountains through three incredible rides you can do. The rides provide incredible scenic views and experiences that you can only get at Scenic World.

Scenic Railway

Scenic Railway is the steepest railway in the world that is 52 degrees steep! The best way to experience the Railway is by going down from the Scenic World Top Station, through the cliff tunnel and into Jamison Valley.

You can even change your seat position to have more of a cliffhanger experience, something more laidback, or keep it original.

Scenic Cableway

Scenic Cableway is the steepest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere! The Cableway can slowly take you to or from Jamison Valley.

On the Cableway, you will have great scenic views of the valley below and also the Three Sisters, Mount Solitary, and Orphan Rock.

Scenic Skyway

Scenic Skyway was the first Australian cable car and is also the largest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere!

The Skyway glides between the cliff tops and gives you incredible views of the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, Jamison Valley, and Mount Solitary.

Curious to try to find the different dinosaurs in Dinosaur Valley at Scenic World? You can book a deluxe tour to the Blue Mountains where you spend some time at Scenic World.

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