How long is the Prince Henry Cliff walk?

How long is the Prince Henry Cliff walk?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/04/2023

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The Blue Mountains is a remarkable lush area that is only an hour’s drive from Sydney.

The Blue Mountains has beautiful landscape, waterfalls, Three Sisters, and small mountaintop towns. There are also plenty of different walking trails within the area, providing some incredible views of the Blue Mountains.

The Prince Henry Cliff Walk is an iconic walk and is around three to four hours long. The reasonably easy walk is seven kilometres one way from Katoomba to Leura in the Blue Mountains.

Why is it called the Prince Henry Cliff Walk?

Given the name, the walk is named after a prince, but who exactly is he? So, Prince Henry is the Duke of Gloucester. He is also the fourth child of King George V and Queen Mary.

What will I see on the walk?

Prince Henry Cliff walk comes across some remarkable lookout points and scenic views of the Blue Mountains region! Without a doubt, you’ll come across some of the best views in the state.

Three Sisters/Echo Point lookout

Perhaps Echo Point lookout is one of the most popular lookout points in the Blue Mountains as it’s known for being the best spot to see the Three Sisters. The Three Sisters are three giant sandstones that are surrounded by Jamison Valley.

There is also an Aboriginal Dreaming story about the three sisters.

Giant Stairway

After Echo Point lookout, you’ll move on and have the chance to go down the Giant Stairway to face one of the sisters! The stairway does have 910 steps, but worth the added trip if you want to have a closer look at one of the sisters.

Katoomba Falls Lookout

Katoomba Falls Lookout is a scenic point where you can actually see two waterfalls! Of course, you’ll be able to see the beautiful Katoomba Falls but also, you’ll see the smaller Witches Leap Falls.

Elysian Rock Lookout

Elysian Rock Lookout is a fascinating one and has incredible views of Jamison Valley stretching out to Mount Solitary.

Gordon Falls Lookout

Gordon Falls Lookout is actually the end of the Prince Henry Cliff walk, and what a place to end the journey! You’ll see Gordon Falls, which isn’t a big waterfall, but it is surrounded by lush greenery and sandstone walls.

The Prince Henry Cliff walk is worth doing during your visit to the Blue Mountains. You can even enjoy this walk on our Blue Mountains Day Tour! You’ll come across famous attractions, beautiful waterfalls, and scenic views across Jamison Valley.

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