What’s included with the Scenic World Tickets?

What’s included with the Scenic World Tickets?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/22/2024

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Experience breathtaking views and thrilling scenic rides in the Blue Mountains at Scenic World.

The Blue Mountains is a captivating lush wilderness that is only an hour’s drive from Sydney. And there really isn’t a better way to experience the Blue Mountains than going to Scenic World. You’ll see iconic attractions, explore the lush Jamison Valley, and go on the rides.

Planning to go to Scenic World but unsure exactly what comes with your Unlimited Discovery Pass? Read on to find out exactly what you have included with this Scenic World ticket.

Scenic Railway

Scenic Railway

Discover the thrill of what it’s like going down into Jamison Valley on the world’s steepest Railway! You can go up from Jamison Valley on the Railway, but we highly recommend experiencing this ride by descending into the valley.

Scenic Cableway

Scenic Cableway is a fully enclosed glass cabin where you can go down into or out of Jamison Valley. This ride allows you to see incredible views of the Blue Mountains including the Three Sisters, Mount Solitary, and Orphan Rock.

Scenic Walkway

Whether you go on the Railway or Cableway down into Jamison Valley, you’ll have time to do the Scenic Walkway. Follow the quick 10 to 20-minute boardwalk between the Railway and Cableway stations. The walk takes you through the ground of Jamison Valley, with some of these plants dating back to the Jurassic period.

Scenic Skyway

Scenic Skyway

Go between the Blue Mountains cliff tops and have some of the best vantage views of the area. From the glass cabin, you will be 270 metres in the air where you can look down on Jamison Valley. Keep an eye out for the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, and Mount Solitary.

Dinosaur Valley

Depending on the time of year, your ticket may include Dinosaur Valley! Enjoy Australia’s largest outdoor dinosaur experience and search for over 20 dinosaur species.
Generally, Dino Valley is open the last few months of the year and finishes early in the new year. If you’re travelling between these months, check online to confirm if Dino Valley is open!

Are there other tickets available?

Yes, Scenic World has other tickets you can select from!

• Annual Pass
This pass is perfect for you if you plan to visit Scenic World many times throughout 12 months. Along with this pass, you also get discounts on any additional tickets, at the gift store, and food and drinks.

• Buunyal Tour
This tour is the best way to discover and learn about the Gundungurra Country with an Aboriginal guide who’ll share stories. The tour is interactive and includes all the Scenic World rides and the walk. Kids over five can enjoy this tour as well!

• Beyond Skyway Flexi
For something a bit extra, this ticket is an intimate experience there can only be up to four guests for each session. You will be harnessed and climb up to the roof of the Scenic Skyway during sunset! Enjoy a non-alcoholic drink on the rooftop before enjoying a complimentary alcoholic drink on the way back inside the Skyway.

• Dinosaur Valley Unlimited Discovery Pass
When Dino Valley is running, you can select this pass to enjoy more of a dinosaur experience at Scenic World! This is the best pass for the little ones who love dinosaurs. You meet all the dino that live in the valley then get to listen to a Dinosaur Ranger who’ll teach you all things about these creatures. You can also purchase a ranger kit which comes with all the gear your mini dino ranger will love.

This pass also includes everything you get in the Unlimited Discovery Pass which is access to all the rides and Scenic Walkway.

You can book your tickets online or enjoy a Blue Mountains tour that comes with access to Scenic World. You’ll have enough time to enjoy the rides and the Scenic Walkway.

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