How to Ride One of the Steepest Trains in the World

How to Ride One of the Steepest Trains in the World

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/22/2024

Reading time: 2 mins

Enjoy the thrilling ride down a steep incline in the Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains, located about an hour’s drive from Sydney, is a scenic destination for all travellers. A unique way to experience the Blue Mountains is Scenic World, a popular attraction in Katoomba.

At Scenic World there is the world’s steepest passenger railway, the Scenic Railway. The original railway here was built to serve the Katoomba coal mine in the late 19th century.

The best way to ride the Scenic Railway is by descending into Jamison Valley.

Choose your seat position 

The Scenic Railway offers three different seated positions to choose from. You can adjust your seating or ask a staff member if needed.

  • The “cliffhanger” is a 64 degree incline, giving you the most thrill of all three seated positions.
  • The “laidback” gives the user a more relaxed journey on the Scenic Railway.
  • The “original” position, set at 52 degrees, is for the loyal fans who wish to experience the railway how it originally was.

Other things to do at Scenic World

Scenic World has two other rides to experience and also a walking trail through Jamison Valley:

  • Scenic Cableway

The Scenic Cableway is one of the ways to get to and from Jamison Valley. Although not as steep as the Railway, the Cableway offers breathtaking views over the Blue Mountains and Jamison Valley.

Image credit: Destination NSW

  • Scenic Skyway

The Scenic Skyway is a cable car with glass flooring that glides 270 metres above the ground. The Skyway provides panoramic views of the Blue Mountains, Jamison Valley, the Three Sisters, and Katoomba Falls.

  • Scenic Walkway

Explore Jamison Valley on foot, walking through the ancient rainforest and experiencing its natural beauty up close. To access the Scenic Walkway, take either the Scenic Railway or the Scenic Cableway.

Overall, the Blue Mountains is a beautiful scenic area and well worth visiting while in Sydney. It is a popular day trip destination, and if you need transportation, consider booking a tour! It is a must visit for anyone, especially those who appreciate natural beauty.

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