Admire the Wonder of Wentworth Falls

Admire the Wonder of Wentworth Falls

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/30/2015

Reading time: 3 mins

Marvel at the cascading waters thundering down over the jagged rocks amidst the lush bushland!

Blue Mountains Tours will show you the splendour of one of Australia’s most alluring mountain ranges. The rise and fall of green canyons, shimmering peaks, tangled vineyards and rolling pastures of farm land make the Blue Mountains a welcome sight for sore eyes especially when you discover the wonder of Wentworth Falls. Hailed as one of the most picturesque towns in New South Wales this charming little place is brimming with eco trails and wilderness hikes, cascading falls, world class golf courses, elegant dining venues and incredible beauty.

On the Blue Mountains Tour you can swing by Wentworth Falls to spend a little time hiking to the tumbling three tiered falls, climb the dramatic rocky crags and listen to the wild sound of birdsong filtering through the trees.

  • Walk in Darwin’s Footsteps

    The Charles Darwin Walk gives you the chance to follow in the footsteps of the famous naturalist. The enchanting adventure takes you through the gurgling waters of Jamison Creek and into the mist of Eucalyptus that gives the mountains its name. Push past hanging swamps and follow the trail of the waterfalls as honeyeaters perch in the branches above.

  • Splash in the Lakes

    The actual waterfall that gives the small town its fame and fortune is a beautiful sight to behold, especially when you linger by the lake for a picnic lunch. The lake is also a safe spot for taking a dip in the cooling waters rather than risking the rush of the falls. The children’s playground, barbeque area and pristine beauty create perfect surroundings for basking in the great outdoors.

  • Pack the Perfect Picnic

    In the delightful little town of Wentworth Falls you can find a handful of fine dining establishments, boutique stores and beautiful art galleries. Falls Food Hall is a fabulous place for filling your picnic basket with ripe artisan cheeses, home baked bread and a bottle of Blue Mountain wine to take into the heart of the countryside. Those who prefer to be wined and dined can indulge in exceptional service at the classy Silvermere Mansion or The Grandview Hotel.

  • Rekindle your Love of the Great Outdoors

    Blue Mountains Tours will help you to discover the rare delights of a picture perfect mountain town nestled in the heart of the rising crags and tumbling falls. Spending the day hiking the trails, seeing the local flora and fauna and swimming in the lake is sure to rejuvenate your soul and rekindle your love of the great outdoors.

  • Visit the Wentworth Falls Village

    Near the Wentworth Falls is the similarly named Village! A hive of activity, offering cafes, eateries, art galleries, and souvenir shops!

  • Check out the Nearby Lookouts

    Nearby the waterfall is a number of exceptional walking trails, with many leading to jaw-dropping views of both the waterfall and the surrounding bushland. Visit Jaminson, Fletchers, Rocket Point, just to name a few!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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