Are there snakes in the Blue Mountains?

Are there snakes in the Blue Mountains?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/19/2021

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Australia is famous for its unusual animals, from its giant spiders to fluffy marsupials!

Snake in Blue Mountains

But by far one of the most fear creatures slithering around are the Australian snakes, found throughout the country’s bushland. The Blue Mountains is just one of the many spots these snakes call home, with the sprawling mountaintops of the bush, deep gorges, and cave systems being the perfect set up for them.

About the Snakes of the Blue Mountains

There are a variety of snakes found living among the bushland of the Blue Mountains. Australia has some 140 species of land snake, and 32 species of sea snakes, with only 100 of these venomous, and only about 12 have the potential to kill you. The snakes of Blue Mountain can typically be seen sunbaking throughout the day, setting up on the region’s warm rocks or even on the manmade walking paths. Most of the time, these snakes can easily be avoided, as snakes typically only attack visitors if they feel threatened.

Therefore, simply standing still and slowly walking the other way when faced with a snake will result in no attack. If you feel nervous walking around the bushland, you can even stomp your feet while you walk. Snakes can hear movement through the ground, and typically slither off if something large is approaching them, resulting in no snake confrontation whatsoever!

Types of Snakes in the Blue Mountains

  • Brown Snake

    The Eastern Brown Snake is one of the most dangerous snakes found in the Blue Mountains. Recognisable by its small, narrow head, and of course its dark brown colour. Like all snakes, the Brown Snake will only attack if it feels threatened, such as being accidentally trodden on or approached too closely. However, despite this, it is probably the most frequently encountered snake around, being a common species of this region.

  • Red-bellied Black snake

    This species is typically found near water, often in the valley regions of the Blue Mountains nearby to the creeks and waterfalls. They are a black snake with a brilliant red underbelly. They are also quite venomous, so keep an eye out when you swim within the Blue Mountains on a hot sunny day!

  • The Diamond Python

    Perhaps the most common snake found in the Blue Mountains, with the colours and patterns of this species varying on each creature. Dark black to green colours, with white and yellow spots on top, and a white underbelly, these creatures can easily blend into the fallen leaves of the bush. This species has no venom, but can still hurt you if bitten! Found in bushes, tall grassland, and even trees!

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