How do people stay safe in the Blue Mountains?

How do people stay safe in the Blue Mountains?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/23/2021

Reading time: 3 mins

The Blue Mountains is Australia’s most wondrous mountain range, full of towering peaks, unique land formations, cascading waterfalls and lush forests.

View from the Blue Mountains

Whether you’re taking in the magical awe of the Three Sisters, soaring high above the Jamison Valley at Scenic World or marvelling at the breathtaking Katoomba Falls you are always set for a joyous few days in the Blue Mountains!

But it’s important to remember a few safety tips for when you’re traversing the dips and drops of this mountainous region just so you have the best time possible without any hiccups.

Here are some of the key things to remember:

1. Stick to the main walking tracks

The Blue Mountains is famed for having heaps of marked walking tracks that are easy to follow whilst taking you deep into the bush and away from the madding crowds.

However, if you do decide to step away from the main paths and down somewhere even more isolated, please do so with caution. The Blue Mountains are wide and rugged and many people have gotten lost from taking off from the marked pasts (sometimes for days).

These random paths often lose mobile reception so be sure to take head if you decide to go wandering off like you’re in Picnic at Hanging Rock or something…

2. Wear the right clothing!

You don’t want to go on a long bushwalk in open-toed sandals or – worse – thongs! This only leads to foot pain both from the shoes’ discomfort as well as the rocks and twigs that might jump up and into your uncovered foot!

Also, the weather in the Blue Mountains can be, shall we say, tempestuous, and the last thing you want is to be caught out without a raincoat when a wild mountain storm passes over for an exorbitant period of time.

So, pack and wear the right clothing and you won’t find yourself in a less-than-pleasant situation if the rain comes in to spoil your hike!

3. Pack the right stuff

It’s not just about wearing the right attire when in the Blue Mountains: you have to pack the right gear too so that you don’t find yourself burnt, hungry or dehydrated. Sunscreen, hat, snacks and water – don’t forget this when hiking the Blue Mountains.

All safety tips aside, the Blue Mountains are a truly captivating part of Australia that cannot be overlooked – enjoy!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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