How many days do you need in the Blue Mountains?

How many days do you need in the Blue Mountains?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/17/2021

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The Blue Mountains are easily one of Australia’s most beloved holiday destinations.

Blue Mountains

This sprawling wilderness of sandstone peaks, cascading falls, tranquil valleys and lush forests draw visitors who are eager to escape the pace of city life for a few days of serenity.

Whether you’re marvelling upon the wondrous Three Sisters, gazing at the ever-imposing Katoomba Falls or getting your kicks at Scenic World, there are plenty of activities in the Blue Mountains to keep you chilled, inspired and ultimately rejuvenated for some time!

So, how many days do you actually need in the Blue Mountains? Well, given its close proximity to Sydney, travellers often head up there for a weekend of sightseeing and forest walking, meaning you could easily see its main sites in two or three days.

But, if you really want to immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of this astounding region, a whole week of unbridled Blue Mountains bliss should easily do the trick!

And what are some of these unforgettable experiences that await you in the mountains?

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are forever etched in Indigenous Australian lore as the sites of one of the most popular stories of The Dreaming. Legend has it that the series of giant sandstone formations is actually three sisters from the local Katoomba Tribe, whose attempted kidnapping by three brothers from the neighbouring Nepean Tribe set the course for a bloody war.

Fearing their fate, a Katoomba elder set the girls in stone, planning to uncast them as soon as the war was over. But the elder was killed in the ensuing conflict, leaving the sisters to be rendered in stone for eternity and where they stand today.

It is a spectacular sight to gaze upon from the heights of Echo Point, and all the more stunning when you carry that little tale up there!

Scenic World

Scenic World is where thrillseekers go to see the Blue Mountains from the most adrenaline-pumping means possible. Climbing aboard the world’s steepest passenger railway or the 270-metre high Scenic Skyway (complete with glass bottom) is the most nail biting way to experience this most evergreen region, just be ready to test your mettle!

Katoomba Falls

This gorgeous, segmented waterfall is one of the true highlights of the Blue Mountains, cascading its way into the lush Jameson Valley below. Gazing upon Katoomba Falls is one of the most spectacular sights of the mountains, its raging waters seemingly creating the vibrant vegetation of the surrounding region.

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