The Adventurous Attractions at Scenic World

The Adventurous Attractions at Scenic World

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/08/2017

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Scenic World is the best snapshot into all of what the Blue Mountains has to offer!

Set just outside of the vibrant city of Sydney sits the stunning natural wonder of the Blue Mountains. Home to some of the best wildlife, cascading waterfalls, and bushwalks in the entire New South Wales. Right in the heart of the region sits Scenic World, one of the number one best places to see this tourist destination.

Simply put, Scenic World offers a self-guided nature-based experience. Offering a range of completely different perspective ways to see the region, from walkways along the bush floor, to epic skyway rides that have you hanging above the tree canopy. Letting you explore the beauty of the natural scenery, spotting colourful native birds, and breathing in the fresh mountain air. Home to a selection of high to low rides, Scenic World is the perfect way to get to know the Blue Mountains.

The Attractions at Scenic World

  • Scenic Railway

    This is the steepest passenger railway in the world, covering a 52-degree incline. The carriages boast glass roofs so you have uninterrupted views of the lush Jamison Valley from every angle.

    The custom-made carriages mean you can choose your own adventure – you can adjust your seat position up to 20-degrees, so you can have a “cliff-hanger” ride at a 64-degree incline, or a more relaxed ride with the “laidback” option. The ride itself takes you through a cliff-side tunnel, emerging into the ancient rainforest at the other end.

  • Scenic Walkway

    For a more relaxed experience, you can take a stroll around the 2.4km stretch of the Scenic Walkway. This is an elevated boardwalk that takes you directly through the Jurassic scenery of the Jamison Valley floor. As you go, you can learn more about the area’s rich mining history, and discover some of the forest’s native flora and fauna.

  • Scenic Cableway

    For panoramic views of the Blue Mountains, hop aboard the Scenic Cableway. Travelling along 545 metres of track, this ride descends into the Jamison Valley, keeping you safe in a fully enclosed cabin that offers spectacular views from its unique vantage point. From the top, you can see some of the region’s most spectacular natural wonders, including the Three Sisters, Orphan Rock, and Katoomba Falls.

  • Scenic Skyway

    On the Scenic Skyway, you can glide between the green-velvet cliff tops and admire the rainforest canopy below through the glass floor. At 270 metres above the ancient ravines below, the Skyway promises breath-taking views of the Blue Mountains – but, if you’d like something more relaxed, there is a solid floor option, too. From the Skyway, you can peer out at the Three Sisters and the Jamison Valley as it sprawls out beneath you to the horizon and beyond.

Scenic World provides the perfect opportunity to get to know the Blue Mountains, giving you the chance to soak up the spectacular scenery and marvel at the ancient beauty of the Jamison Valley.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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