What are the Blue Mountains used for?

What are the Blue Mountains used for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/04/2019

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Listed is a top tourist destination, a charming place to live, and home to some of the best natural wonders around, Blue Mountains is undoubtedly important to us!

As one of New South Wales most sought after destinations, the Blue Mountains is one of the most important sites for us humans. Despite being overgrown with lush wilderness, it has many significant uses, popular for its residency, tourism, and natural beauty. Locals live here permanently, and both international and domestic tourists visit this astounding area every day, travelling within to see all the magnificent sites and astonishing beauty of the land.

  • Residence

    The Blue Mountains are flanked by a number of towns and villages residing within. Littered in the high mountaintops, settled along the sloping roads, or nestled at the base of the mountains. Each town is home to incredible views of the area, whether it be deep within panoramic views, Blue Mountains can easily become a sanctuary for just about anyone. Travel to popular stops such as the suburb Leura, which offers visitors a perfect tourist stop within the mountaintops, while promising delicious local grub and unique goodies within. Otherwise stop into smaller towns that aren’t as well known to travellers, such as Shipley and Hazelbrook. Giving you the true rustic Australian country feel amidst the lush bushland.

  • Wildlife

    The Blue Mountains is swarming with over 1500 different species of animals and plants. Although some of the area has been developed for the charming towns and tourist centres of the region, the majority of it is a protected area. Known for being a World Heritage-listed region, due to its incredibly diverse wildlife, which includes multiple rare and endangered animals, which would not survive without this large landscape. As the Blue Mountains is ten times older than the Grand Canyon, the plants and animals have had a long life within its mountains, being their habitat home for generations.

  • Tourism

    The Blue Mountains brings a swarm of tourists to its gates. The region is covered with stunning natural wonders, like large rock structures such as the Three Sisters, mysterious system of caves like the Jenolan Caves, as well as cascading waterfalls including the Wentworth Falls. Large tour companies, boutique private tours, or even travellers making their own way, all roam around the mountains seeing the amazing sites to see. The region is rich in history, with a strong connection with the Aboriginal people. Many information guides and historic sites are located within the mountains. Probably its biggest tourist destination is Scenic World, which is the best way to see the mountains. With A railway, cableway, walkway, and skyway all offering different perspectives of the blue mountains, whether it be up top in the forest’s canopy, or down below through the bushes. The Blue Mountains is one of the best destinations for travellers to visit and understand the true beauty of Sydney’s outer areas, in both wildlife, history, and culture.

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