What can you see from Echo Point?

What can you see from Echo Point?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/04/2023

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Echo Point is a great viewpoint overlooking the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.

Echo Point lookout is the best viewpoint to see the Three Sisters and Jamison Valley. Throughout the day travellers come to the Blue Mountains to stand at Echo Point. They take in the views to see the Three Sisters and Jamison Valley which surrounds the land.

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters is a peculiar rock formation in the Blue Mountains. The Three Sisters come from an Aboriginal Dreaming story. The Three Sisters are named Meehni, Wihmlah and Gunnedoo and they were part of the Katoomba community. The sisters fell in love with three brothers from another community. The brothers tried to steal the sisters, but a battle broke out. Due to the battle, a Katoomba elder put a spell on the sisters and turned them into stone. Now the Three Sisters are an iconic landmark in the Blue Mountains. Each stone is over 900 metres tall.

Jamison Valley

Jamison Valley is about four kilometres long and 10 kilometres wide. The valley is part of the Cox River which has a lot of canyons and valleys. Jamison Valley has incredible waterfalls, valleys, and a large amount of greenery. There are a lot of birds, the eastern water dragons, and echidnas in Jamison Valley. You can find Australian native plants across the valley like waratah, rusty gum trees, and old man banksia.

What else you can do when in the Blue Mountains

There is plenty more to do and see while you are in the Blue Mountains. There are many bushwalking trails across the Blue Mountains. You can view lakes, and waterfalls and spot some wildlife along these walks.

Scenic World

Scenic World has many ways to admire what the Blue Mountains have on view including the Three Sisters and Jamison Valley. You can do the Scenic Cableway, Scenic Railway, and the Beyond Skyway. When you go on the cableway or railway, you go down through the Jamison Valley. Once you’re off the cableway or railway, you will have the option to do the Scenic Walkway. This walk will take you through the rainforest. This walk can take between 10 – 20 minutes. The rainforest has some native flora and fauna which date back to the Jurassic period. The Beyond Skyway rides by the Three Sisters and above the Jamison Valley. It’s best to buy your pass online before your visit to secure your spot!

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