Leura Cascades, New South Wales

Leura, New South Wales 2780

Leura Cascades is blessed with loads of dreamy destinations just a short walk from town, ideal for blissed-out breaks with your partner or posse.

 Leura Cascades, NSW

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a relaxing break amongst the stunning scenery or a more upbeat adventure, the Cascades has you covered.

Follow the Leura Creek down towards the cascading small waterfall of Leura Cascades. Submerge yourself in the lush green scenery, amidst tall eucalypts and bird calls echoing the area. The manmade boardwalk makes it accessible for any kind of traveller, at any kind of fitness level. It is one of the shortest walks in the area, so if you’re interested in a full day-check out the other surrounding spots you can journey on.

How to get to Leura Cascades?

Start off at the Leura Cascades Picnic Area, located just off Chelmsford road. Walk down the looping path, finishes back at the grassy picnic park. On your way to the cascades why not check out the other attractions in this area?

What to do at Leura Cascades?

  • Leura Cascades Walking Circuit

    Leura Cascades Walking Circuit

    This short but scenic walk beginning at the Leura Cascades will take you on a 1-kilometre return trail that takes around an hour to complete when you factor in all the stops, you’ll be making to take photos of the stunning natural landscape! The track follows the Leura Falls creek into the rainforest, stopping at lookouts over Jamison Valley, Bridal Veils Falls and Majestic Lookout. At the end of your circuit, why not make a rest stop at the Leura Cascades picnic area, a beautiful expanse of greenery that has many shady areas and picnic facilities.

  • Majestic Lookout

    Head onto the Prince Henry Cliff Walk and stop to see the incredible views at Majestic Lookout. Sitting above Leura Falls at Mount Solitary. Jaw-dropping views of the lush forestland, jagged cliff tops and towering mountains surrounding the area is well worth the trek.

  • Prince Henry Cliff Walk

    From the rocky edge of Katoomba to the beauty of Leura, this moderately graded walking track is about a 3- 4 hour walk covering 7 kilometres one way. There are 20 lookouts to pass during this trail each with glorious views overlooking the Jamison Valley below and the iconic Three Sisters rock formation. There are two starting locations for this route, you can begin at Scenic World in Katoomba or the Gordon Falls lookout in Leura.

  • Bridal Veil Falls

    The Bridal Veil Falls, also known as the Govett’s Leap, is a beautiful stop on your Blue Mountains adventure. The waterfall is a towering, wispy cascade, light-flowing in nature but cascades down a great height. Travel to this Falls, only a short walk from Leura Cascade, and see the spectacular view that goes with this single drop waterfall. There is a walk you can take from Bridal Falls which is around an hour and about 1.4 kilometres return. It’s a quite hard track and should be only be attempted by those with some bush walking experiencing. The walk itself is quite pretty and takes you past a creek through another vantage point called Barrow Lookout, which will show you another viewpoint of Bridal Falls.

  • Leura Cascades Picnic Area

    Leura Cascades Picnic Area

    If you’re looking for a relaxing break amongst the stunning scenery, the Leura Cascades Picnic Area has you covered. A stunning grassy space bursting with native plants and animals scattering the area. Pack a picnic lunch for the day, and tuck in before or after a stroll around the bush tracks. Filled with picnic tables, swings, flush toilets, and free parking, this area is perfect for a fun family filled day. Lie back in the soft grass and be serenaded by the gentle tinkering of the nearby waterfalls.

  • Visit the township of Leura

    The leafy town of Leura is a great stopover to make when visiting the Blue Mountains. There is a relaxed and laidback vibe to the commercial centre and an emphasis on culture and the arts. There are a lot of great little coffee shops to try in the town, as well as restaurants and art galleries. There is a golf course there to spend long, sunny afternoons at, or, the real star of the suburb which are the privately-owned gardens scattered around Leura.

  • Everglades Gardens

    The historic Everglades Gardens are operated by the National Trust and was first designed in the 1930s by landscape artist Paul Sorenson. They can be visited at any time of the year as each season brings the garden to life in a beautiful array of colours that are everchanging. Explore all of the 5.2 hectares of gorgeous English style greenery and take a stroll through to the Grotto Pool and an art deco home built in the 1920s.

  • Discover the Leuralla Toy & Railway Museum

    The Southern Hemisphere’s largest collection of toys and railway memorabilia is housed in the town of Leura at the 20th century mansion; Leuralla. Inside the illustrious and historic mansion, you’ll discover one of the worlds’ most important collection of Barbie dolls starting from 1959, and model railway sets.

How did Leura get its name?

There are a couple of theories as to how the town of Leura got its name. The first is that the word ‘leura’ is from the local Gundungarra language and means ‘lava’. This is backed up by the fact that there were many volcanic stones found around the area. Others say that a man who subdivided the area; William Eyre, had a daughter named Lurline and from that, the town was named Leura however the connection and evidence for this is quite weak.

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