Blue Mountains Music Festival 2020

Blue Mountains Music Festival 2020

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/14/2020

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Enjoy the perfect blend of bushland and music on your Blue Mountains adventure!

There is no natural beauty in New South Wales greater than the marvellous Blue Mountains. A stunning region of bushland that sprawls over mountaintops, gorges, and iconic rock formations. One of the best times to travel in this natural landscape is during one of the many wondrous festivals. Most particularly, the Blue Mountains Music Festival stands out among the rest as an epic experience. Blending the bushland, spectacular views, and live music together beautifully for a truly unforgettable adventure!

About the Blue Mountains Music Festival

The Blue Mountains Music Festival is held in the charming region of Katoomba, which is the main town and the top tourist destination within the Blue Mountains. Home to iconic attractions such as the popular Three Sisters rock formation. The festival itself runs in March every year, taking place for more than twenty years due to its continuous popularity. It is a three-day event, celebrating the music of folk, roots and blues music, with over 100 performances playing throughout the festivals.

What you can see there

  • The Music

    Featuring a wide selection of artists, and more than eight undercover performance venues set up, no matter where you look at the festival, there is a performance in sight! The musicians play in these smaller stages, giving visitors a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere than the typical large overly crowded musical events. Here are just a few of the noteworthy artists playing this year!

    • John Butler

      John Butler is one of Australia’s most successful independent musicians, being the frontman for the John Butler Trio band. For this year, he is debuting the release of his seventh studio album ‘Home’, giving visitors firsthand listen of his exceptional new work!

    • Kasey Chambers

      Kasey Chambers is a beloved Australian artist, with over 12 award-winning albums under her belt. Her stunning voice and brilliant songwriting have made her one of the most popular Aussie female singers in the past decade, reaching cult-like status as a global country artist.

    • YolanDa Brown

      YolanDa Brown is a woman of many talents, a saxophonist, broadcaster and philanthropist. Producing her own children’s show and even earning an Honorary Doctorate of Arts by the University of East London. But for this festival, she is pulling out the sax, offering spectacular tunes of Reggae, Jazz, and Soul music.

  • The Stalls

    While you are strolling from one performance to the next, you can stop into the many stalls found scattered about. Food and craft stalls, the poet’s brunch, kid’s entertainment and performance workshops all cover the region, offering an alternative to the music-filled itinerary.

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