Can You Go to Blue Mountains for a Day?

Can You Go to Blue Mountains for a Day?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/23/2021

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The Blue Mountains is located around an hour drive from Sydney and it is the perfect place to visit if you wish to take a day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The area in which the Blue Mountains is located is large, taking up more than 11,000 square kilometres of land, therefore you cannot see everything in one day, however you can see the main attractions in a day trip.

The Blue Mountains has a fascinating history

Like much of Australia, there was a turbulent history between those who colonised the country and those who lived here for thousands of years before European settlement. The original owners of the land were the Wanaruah, Dharug, Gundungurra, Wiradjuri, Darkinjung, and Tharawal people, who lived off the land of the Blue Mountains and created a connection to the nature that surrounded them. The land holds significance to the traditional owners, as many of their cultural traditions, laws, and generational practises are based on the importance of the region.

Unfortunately, when the English settled the region, they did not like the way the Indigenous Australians lived and quickly stripped away their culture and heritage from them, forcing the natives to integrate into western society, much at the cost of their freedom and livelihood.

What to see on your day trip to the Blue Mountains

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains

There are several famous landmarks you must see when you are in the Blue Mountains, that can all be covered during your one-day adventure. The famous Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls, and Scenic World are the absolute must see that you cannot miss out on! If you are interested in learning about the cultural heritage of the region you can head to the Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Katoomba, which welcomes visitors to come and learn all about the history and culture that they are proud of.

Not only can you indulge yourself into learning about the culture of the Indigenous peoples of the Blue Mountains, but you will also have the opportunity to take a walk through the mountains and visit many of the quaint villages, gardens, and galleries that are located in the region.

Check out the fantastic Scenic World attraction

Scenic World is an easy way to see all that the Blue Mountains has to offer in just one location. This attraction is perfect for every member of the family and is home to the steepest and largest aerial cable car in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

We advise that you plan your visit to Scenic World in advance, due to the constraints of Covid. Pre-purchase tickets, and ensure you arrive with enough time to wait, as lines are more prominent with social distancing.

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