How Long do I need at Scenic World?

How Long do I need at Scenic World?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/17/2020

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The popular attraction in the Blue Mountains offers three rides and various walks for diverse perspectives of the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, Jamison Valley and surrounding mountains. But how long do you need for your visit?

The Blue Mountains are a popular day trip from Sydney for the spectacular views, abundant forest and charming country towns. Travellers and Sydneysiders alike enjoy the opportunity for an escape from the city to engage in bush walks amongst lush Jurassic forest. Lookout points with breathtaking views dot the area, but one of the best ways to experience the unique beauty of the Blue Mountains is at the beloved attraction Scenic World.

Scenic World offers travellers several experiences to admire extraordinary perspectives of the Blue Mountains and famous attractions including the Three Sisters and Katoomba Falls. So how long do you need to spend here to get the most out of your ticket?

All the rides at Scenic World depart every 10 minutes. During busy periods, especially during school holidays, you can expect to wait in queue for the rides, but the lines move quickly so relax and enjoy the stunning views as you wait. Each ride takes no longer than five minutes, while there are a few walks of differing lengths which can take up to one hour.

Usually one hour is enough time to take all three rides at least once and do a short walk. If you want to do the rides more than once, or take your time on the walk, you can spend one hour and a half, but you shouldn’t need more than two hours.

  • The Scenic Skyway

    Start with the Scenic Skyway, which will take you 720 metres across the Jamison Valley in just a few minutes. As the Skyway glides over the ravines below, you will take in extraordinary views of Katoomba Falls and the Three Sisters before arriving on the other side. If you are brave enough, you can stand on the glass floor for a unique perspective of the treetops in the valley 270 metres below.

  • The Scenic Cableway

    Next up is the Scenic Cableway, which is similar to a large enclosed ski lift and holds 84 passengers. Here you can gaze through the floor to ceiling windows to take in the magnificent views as you plunge 545 metres to the Jamison Valley floor. The drop over the cliff will make your heart skip a beat!

  • The Scenic Walkway

    Now you’re on the valley floor, you can explore the astonishing Jurassic forest via the Scenic Walkway. The walkway offers visitors 2.4 kilometres of elevated boardwalk to immerse themselves in the forest with minimal environmental impact. You can choose from alternative walks of various lengths, from a simple 10-minute saunter amongst the trees to a full hour ramble. Keep your eyes peeled for lyrebirds that inhabit the area!

  • The Scenic Railway

    When it’s time to head back up to the top of the escarpment, make your way to the thrilling Scenic Railway. The tracks were formally used to transport coal from the mine but have been repurposed to run the world’s steepest passenger railway. If the original incline of 52° is not scary enough, you can adjust your seat angle to the “cliff-hanger” mode for an additional adrenaline rush. The railway will take you 310 metres back up the valley in a comfortable glass roofed carriage through a cliff tunnel and is equally thrilling ascending as descending.

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