How do you get from Katoomba to Scenic World?

How do you get from Katoomba to Scenic World?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/02/2022

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The Blue Mountains easily go down as one of Australia’s most inspiring natural wonderworlds, with cascading falls, fascinating caves, majestic landmarks and towering peaks all comprising the incredible landscape!

One of the ultimate (and thrill seeking) ways to experience the incredible Blue Mountains is through Scenic World, home to some truly heart pumping rides.

With the world famous Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest passenger railway, and the Scenic Skyway, a glass bottom cable car slowly traversing some 270 m above the valley floor, Scenic World is an experience like no other!

Scenic World is located just 3 km from Katoomba Station, and you have numerous options for getting to the park from central Katoomba, including public transport like the bus route 686 and 686G which will both take you right to the park’s entrance.

If not, you can also catch the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus or just a good old taxi – both will get you there with ease!

Scenic World is easily the Blue Mountains’ most hair raising adventure, and one to be enjoyed alongside these classic mountains activities:

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are one of Australia’s most beautiful and surreal landmarks. Surrounded in Indigenous lore, the Three Sisters are a series of three (duh) sandstone formations jutting out from the escarpment.

Legend has it that the Sisters were in fact three sisters from the local Katoomba tribe, cast in stone for all of eternity to avoid kidnap from the warring Nepean tribe.

It’s an awesome story, and one that makes marvelling upon this incredible structure all the more impressive!

Echo Point

As well as providing stunning views of the Three Sisters, Echo Point offers jaw dropping views of the surrounding mountainscape. After all, it’s the Blue Mountains, so there is bound to be somewhere you can catch some pretty miraculous vistas, and Echo Point is one of the very best…


The town of Leura has stepped out to become a big Blue Mountains destination, as it houses many gorgeous gardens that can be visited at different times of the year.

Not only this, but Leura is renowned for its sublime natural beauty, with the famous Cliff Drive taking you to the serene Lyrebird Dell, the Pool of Siloam and, a little further on via the Prince Henry Cliff Walk, the marvellous Katoomba Falls!

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