The Best Lookouts in the Blue Mountains

The Best Lookouts in the Blue Mountains

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/09/2019

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What better way to see this incredible wilderness than with the many iconic viewing platforms scattered about?

Over time the Blue Mountains region in New South Wales has become a much-loved day trip from Sydney for tourists who want to experience some of Australia’s rugged natural beauty. Just over an hour from the heart of the city you will find yourself in another world, where endless views of a blue horizon and cliffs in the distance is not a dream, but a reality. Quaint villages, native wildlife and some of the most stunning views in the country are only some of the many things you will encounter on a trip to the mysterious Blue Mountains.

  • Evans Lookout

    Evans lookout has breathtaking views of sandstone cliffs that rest happily in Grose Valley. It is a popular walking trail as it’s easy to reach and offers both gorgeous views at any point of the day, most notably though at sunrise. The lookout is connected to Govett’s Leap and leads to a number of walks if you were wanting some easier hiking trails. The Grand Canyon Walk can also be taken from this lookout that’s situated just before the main town of Katoomba. This track is at a moderate level and is quite steep, stretching a circuit of 5.4 kilometres.

  • Govetts Leap Lookout

    Known for one of the best views in the country, Govetts Leap is revered for its otherworldly scenery that overlooks Bridal Veil Falls and the sandstone cliffs of the valley below. The blue mist that surrounds the mountains can be seen in all its glory from this vantage point which features a more challenging walking trail if you’re an avid hiker. What you’ll find at Govetts Leap is a scenery that includes the prominent blue eucalyptus forest which offers its colouring to the mountain. A perfect site for birdwatching, there are many reasons why this lookout is a favourite with tourists.

  • Echo Point

    Echo Point lookout has gained popularity so much so that there are usually crowds of people waiting to take a photo with the imposing Three Sisters rock formation behind them. Marvel at the impressive structures that were formed thousands of years ago by erosion. The area is protected and declared a traditional site on the land of the Gundungurra and Darug People. Gaze out at the gorgeous Jamison Valley below and adventure down the Giant Stairway, a steep path carved out into the side of the cliff which will bring you down closer towards the Three Sisters.

  • Sublime Point Lookout

    With scenic views overlooking the valley, this spot is best visited at sunset. There are a few options you have in reaching the ascent, but keep in mind that the walking trail is difficult and a higher-grade level. If you choose to walk the 850-metre long track, it is a steep trail with many steps on a jagged cliff face, but the view throughout this walk is not to be missed. Picnics and birdwatching are popular around this lookout which overlooks Wollongong’s 17 beaches, a rainforest and the distant sea.

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