The Blue Mountains Visitor Centre at Echo Point

The Blue Mountains Visitor Centre at Echo Point

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/12/2018

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Head to the region’s Visitor centre to plan out what you want to see within the Blue Mountains!

The Blue Mountains Visitor Centre is set in the heart of Echo Point, an area that opens out into lush green mountains and historic landmarks. Here, visitors can enjoy views of the world-famous Three Sisters natural rock formation and the sprawling expanse of the Jamison Valley.

Nestled on the edge of the Blue Mountains National Park not far from Katoomba, the visitor’s centre promises captivating views across the vast surrounding scenery as well as marks the starting point for numerous walks through the landscape.

The centre plays host to a range of services, including tours and adventure activities, bushwalking guides, maps and books, and a large souvenir store selling postcards and local handmade gifts. Displaying information about local attractions, events, dining options, and even accommodation. It’s the perfect place to start your explorations of the Blue Mountains and learn more about this fascinating and historic part of Australia.

For most people, a visit to the centre turns into a walk along one of the many routes that weaves through the region from Echo Point itself. Here are some of the best:

  • The Prince Henry Cliff Walk

    One of the prettiest walking routes in the Blue Mountains, the Prince Henry Cliff Walk joins Echo Point up with the picturesque Leura Cascades. Along the way, walkers can marvel at views from various lookouts that are dotted along the cliff edges. From this high vantage point, you can experience the beauty of the national park from a variety of different angles.

  • Walk to Scenic World

    Scenic World is one of the most popular attractions in the Blue Mountains, boasting a range of fun and exciting ways to explore the Jamison Valley and its surroundings. This day-long adventure takes visitors from Echo Point right up to Scenic World by way of the Giant Stairway. Along the way, you’ll pass the Three Sisters and sprawling valleys that characterise the region. When you get to Scenic World, you can hop aboard the Scenic Railway or one of the other fun adventures waiting for you on site.

  • The Katoomba Falls Walk

    Katoomba Falls are located close to Echo Point and are within easy walking distance if you’re in the region. The route takes in spectacular scenes of the Jamison Valley, and features in a smattering of charming waterfalls and scenic lookout points. This circular route then takes you back to the visitor’s centre at Echo Point.

  • Giant Stairway

    The Giant Stairway is definitely one of the most most popular half-day walks within the Blue Mountains! Made up of 998 steps that are cut right into the side of the cliff. Guaranteeing you fabulous views and up-close views of the wildlife as you slowly descend down to the foot of the Three Sisters!

The Blue Mountains Visitor Centre is essentially the gateway to the National Park. From its central location, you can learn about the region, gaze out at the beautiful natural landmarks, and walk one of the many pretty hiking routes.

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