What animals you want to spot in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains sprawling mountaintops carpeted by lush greenery hides an astonishing amount of wildlife within.

Animals swooping through the forest’s branches, climbing up the jagged rock formations, and frolicking within the trickling creeks. It is paradise for some of the best Australian animals and is the perfect place to see these creatures within the wild.

  • Koalas

    While Down Under you cannot miss a chance to see the famous cuddly koala. They are flooding Australia’s zoos, but a truly unique experience is to see these creatures in the wild instead. The Blue Mountains most common tree is the eucalyptus, which covers the entire mountaintop range. As luck would have it, Koalas only eat one type of tree; the eucalyptus! So, search these trees and try to spot the grey lumps littering the branches.

  • Kangaroos

    Next up on everyone’s favourite Aussie animals; the Kangaroo! With mobs found in the Blue Mountains’ clear grassy areas, either snoozing in the shade, nibbling on the grass, or hopping around the area. You can also find wallabies around about, which are essentially smaller kangaroos who never grow up.

  • Blue Mountain Water Skink

    These rare lizards are found lazing around swamps in New South Whales. They possess dark coloured bodies with strips of yellow and white running along the length of the lizard. While a spotting of the Blue Mountain Water Skink is quite rare, you should still keep an eye out for this endangered animal during your time in the Blue Mountains.

  • Cockatoos

    Before even seeing these birds, you will hear them. Notorious for their noisy chatter ringing across the bushland, cockatoos are one of Australia’s favourite birds. Within the mountain range, you can see both the classic white feathered cockatoo and the black cockatoos. Search the skies and branches or simply follow the noise while trekking through the bushland.

  • Lyrebird

    Another bird! but we will find this one along the bushland’s floor. They are much more graceful compared to the cockatoos, with their musical call creating an enchanting atmosphere. Look out for their long protruding tail of feathers peeking out above the bushes and stop to watch these magnificent birds stroll about.

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