What is the best time to visit the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains are a sprawling natural wonderland of ancient forests, towering peaks, surreal rock formations and cascading waterfalls.

Blue Mountains Lookout

Visitors delight in the opportunity to hike across the forest floor up to the wondrous lookouts that take in the mountains’ expansive panoramas.

You can easily spend days enjoying the likes of the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, Lyrebird Dell and the thrill seeking Scenic World, as the Blue Mountains just have so much to offer!

The Blue Mountains are beautiful to visit at every stage of the year, with the warmer months providing a glorious, sun-dazzled spectacle and the winter months blanketing the mountains in an almost mystical atmosphere (and the occasional snowfall!).

However, if you’re looking to enjoy every element of this wondrous region without much hindrance, we recommend going in the warmer months from September – May. This way you can take your time to meander around the region, exploring its great wilderness without that icy winter chill making an otherwise joyous experience a little, shall we say, frightful.

So, now that we’ve got the weather covered, what are some of the amazing experiences that await you at the magical Blue Mountains?

The incredible Three Sisters

On sight alone, the Three Sisters are a trio of surreal sandstone outcrops jutting out of the mountains below. On a deeper level, they are a landmark of important cultural significance, being the catalyst for one of the Australian Dream Times’ most famous stories about three sisters who were sealed in stone for eternity.

It’s a truly awe-inspiring sight to see, and one that is made all the more spectacular given its fascinating significance to the local Katoomba people.

Get your adrenaline rush at Scenic World

Did we mention the Blue Mountains are a region of towering peaks? Well, Scenic World allows you to experience these peaks from the thrill seeking transports of steep railways and giant skyways.

Grab yourself a ticket and hop on the Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest passenger railway, before really testing your nerve on the infamous Scenic Skyway, complete with glass bottom that peers through to the valley floor a cheeky 270 metres below!

Relax at Lyrebird Dell

There are many gorgeous places to chill out and enjoy a picnic in the Blue Mountains, and the beautiful Lyrebird Dell has to be one of the best. Caves and gentle waterfalls await you after a pleasant hike – it’s truly a serene place to hang out.

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